The Walking Dead – Picture: AMC

The big day has come; All 11 seasons and 177 episodes of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead are now streaming on Netflix in the US, but with all seasons now available, how long will the show be on Netflix?

On our screens since 2010, The Walking Dead it was one of the defining shows of the 2010s, and its legacy continues with a bevy of spin-offs that continue to air. Sadly, Netflix doesn’t have access to spin-offs like fear of the walking dead.

Netflix in many regions, especially in the US, has been streaming The Walking Dead during years. Netflix US picked up the show as part of a multi-year agreement announced in 2011.

Netflix then picked up new seasons each year following that initial pact with each season dropping shortly before a new series aired on AMC. The most recent season, season 11, was released on Netflix on January 6, 2023.

The Walking Dead will remain on Netflix US until 2027

Under most AMC licenses, the show will leave exactly four years after its final season on Netflix. This has been the case for people like hell on Wheels, for example, and we’ve confirmed that it’s the same again here.

That means, currently, all 11 seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead It will remain on Netflix until January 6, 2027.

It may seem like a long time away, but time and tide wait for no one, so it will be here before you know it.

Where could it be The Walking Dead Stream after leaving Netflix? The likely answer to that is AMC+ (it’s a program owned by AMC), but since the company seems to be facing problemswho knows what their situation will be in 2027?

When will The Walking Dead leave Netflix in other regions?

Netflix US is not the only region that offers The Walking Dead, with at least 25 other regions currently carrying the show in some capacity.

Most Netflix regions outside of the United States have yet to receive the eleventh season, so we are unable to provide precise removal dates yet. We hope it’s a similar situation, but as we’ve seen elsewhere, sometimes Netflix internationally loses the show much sooner than it does in the US.

You’ll get lost? The Walking Dead When does he eventually leave Netflix? Let us know in the comments.