What's new on Netflix this week November 10, 2023

There’s a lot to enjoy with the 25 new movies and TV shows added to Netflix Canada this week.

First of all, here are the highlights from Netflix Canada this week:

The Promise (2016)

Director: Terry George
Gender: Action, Adventure, Drama | Execution time: 133 minutes
Cast: Christian Bale, Oscar Isaac, Shoreh Aghdashloo, James Cromwell, Tom Hollander

If you’re looking for a war movie with a romantic twist, look no further than The Promise.

In the final days of the Ottoman Empire, a love triangle forms between American medical student Michael, the beautiful Ana, and American photographer Chris, who has been sent to document the Armenian genocide.

The Great Wall (2016)

Director: Yimou Zhang
Gender: Action, Adventure, Fantasy | Execution time: 103 minutes
Cast: Pedro Pascal, Oscar Isaac, Willem Dafoe, Tian Jing, Andy Lau

After his time on Game of Thrones, Pedro Pascal’s rise to stardom was meteoric. After starring in the hit HBO series, one of his first film roles was starring Matt Damon, fighting hordes of monsters in ancient China.

Two mercenaries searching for black powder in China accidentally stumble upon one of the country’s biggest secrets: a part of the Great Wall is home to China’s greatest warriors, locked in combat with hordes of monsters bent on crossing the wall.

The murderer (2023) north

Director: David Fincher
Gender: Action, Adventure, Crime | Execution time: 118 minutes
Cast: Michael Fassbender, Tilda Swinton, Charles Parnell, Arliss Howard, Kerry O’Malley,

David Fincher’s latest film for Netflix is ​​an adaptation of the novel by Alexis Nolent. We’ve been anticipating this for a long time and expect it to be a big hit with subscribers this weekend.

After a hit goes wrong for one of the world’s deadliest and most methodical assassins, he has to fight his employers and his mind.

Here are all the latest additions to Netflix Canada this week

Ten New Movies Added to Netflix Canada This Week: November 11, 2023

  • Chasing Freedom (2004)
  • Forever (2023)
  • Locked Up (2021)
  • Nganu (2023)
  • Oregon (2023)
  • The Claus Family 3 (2022) north
  • The Great Wall (2016)
  • The Killer (2023) north
  • The Promise (2016)
  • Wizzo School (2023)

6 New TV Shows Added to Netflix Canada This Week: November 11, 2023

  • Akuma Kun (season 1) north
  • Right Now (Season 1) north
  • ISHIKO and HANEO: You’re suing me (season 1)
  • Itaxso and the Sea (Season 1)
  • The Billionaire, the Butler and the Groom (Limited Series) N
  • Indomitable (season 1)

6 New Documentaries Added to Netflix Canada This Week: November 11, 2023

  • Cyberbunker: The Criminal Underworld (2023) north
  • Escaping the Twin Flames (Limited Series)
  • Exposed: Ghost Train Fire (Limited Series)
  • Peter (2022)
  • Robbie Williams (Limited Series) north
  • Temple of cinema: 100 years of Egyptian theater (2023) north

1 New Reality Show Added to Netflix Canada This Week: November 11, 2023

1 New Stand-Up Special Added to Netflix Canada This Week

  • Improvisation: 60 and still standing (2023) north

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