virgin river season 5 will return to Netflix in 2023. Through a couple of cameos, two main cast members revealed that Netflix is ​​looking to release the new season around July 2023 and expressed hopes for a season 6.

virgin river It’s long since finished filming its final fifth season, and the new season is currently only slated to release sometime in 2023. As we’ve covered in-depth, there are a lot of changes coming to season 5, with a new showrunner and plenty of new faces set to appear.

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Several virgin river stars can be booked on the website, including Lynda Boyd, Alexandra Breckenridge, Zibby Allen, Martin Henderson and Lauren Hammersley.

Two cameos from Breckenridge and Henderson (who play Jack and Mel, respectively) reveal that they predict the new season will be added around July 2023.

Breckenridge first said that he expected season 5 to release this summer, saying:

“Season 5, I think it’s season 5, will probably come out, I don’t know, maybe in July again. I’m not really sure anyone really updated me on the timeline.»

You can check out the clip below, where Breckenridge also stated that he has his «fingers crossed» for season 6.

Henderson reiterated the July 2023 release date saying, “I think Season 5 will probably be out in July. So, not long ago, in a few months, in another installment of hot, steamy gossip and intrigue on the river.

In other news, Martin Henderson’s live signing session has been postponed Until February 24. In instagramthe actor apologized, saying the move was due to a weather emergency in New Zealand.

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