Virgin River season 6 will have 10 episodes.

Image: Netflix

Some sad news for virgin river fans. Season six will be a little shorter than you’ve become accustomed to in the last two seasons, and the episode count will drop from 12 to 10.

The news comes through an exclusive article from our friends at The viewer’s perspectivewho interviewed a writer of the series, Ildiko Susany. They spoke with them about her role on the show, the upcoming Christmas episodes, and the upcoming sixth season of the feel-good drama.

The full interview, which summarizes the events of part 1 of virgin river season 5 and the themes and stories, but they also touched on the future of the show later on.

Several questions were asked about the future, including the episode count, which we now know will be ten episodes for season 6. Season 4 was the first to increase to twelve episodes, with the previous three seasons having 10 episodes each. Season 5 followed suit, split into two parts, with the two «bonus» Christmas-themed episodes.

Where is virgin river Season 6 in development?

virgin river Season 6 is back in development following the writers’ return to the project following the conclusion of the WGA strike, and very soon, filming on the project will begin again with the return of the actors.

Susany talked about returning to the writers’ room after the end of the strike at the end of September and said they are «getting to the final episodes.»

Writers' room for Virgin River season 6 reunitedWriters' room for Virgin River season 6 reunited

Writers room for Virgin River season 6

When asked about the structure of season 6 and if it would be different from season five, Susany said:

“I’m not sure how much I can give away for season six, but I will say that we are very excited to focus on Mel and Jack, but we will also have everyone’s stories. “We are definitely excited about Mel and Jack’s journey in season 6.”

There’s no word yet on when season 6 will begin filming. We do know that it was initially scheduled to begin during the summer, but the SAG-AFTRA strike made that start impossible. Now that an agreement has been reached, a filming date can be set, but it is unknown if it will be able to begin before Christmas.

virgin river Season 5, Part 2 will arrive on Netflix globally on November 30, 2023.

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