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After a longer than expected wait, subscribers can stream Netflix’s latest rom-com k-drama, I love to hate youstarting February 2023. We have everything you need to know about I love to hate youincluding the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

I love to hate you is an upcoming Netflix Original South Korean romantic comedy series directed by Kim Jung Kwon and written by screenwriter Choi Soo Young.

When is I love to hate you are you coming to netflix

I love to hate you It is a full Netflix original and is not licensed internationally by one of the cable TV networks in South Korea. This means that upon release, all ten episodes will be available to stream immediately.

With the release of the official Netflix trailer, we can confirm that the first season of Love to Hate You will be coming to Netflix on Friday, February 10, 2023.

What is the plot of I love to hate you?

Rookie lawyer Yeo Mi Ran works at the Gilmu Law Firm and works mainly in the entertainment industry. She is totally career driven, she doesn’t mind being in a relationship and she is very competitive with the men in her life, whom she hates losing to. Her ideas are challenged when she meets Korea’s most popular actor, Nam Kang Ho, who despite being recruited for work in romantic movies, doesn’t trust women.

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I love to hate you – Image. Netflix

Who are the cast members of I love to hate you?

At the head of the series are two Arthdal ​​Chronicles former student Kim Ok Bin and actor Yoo Teo.

Kim Ok Bin starred in all three parts of Arthdal ​​Chroniclesbut her role as the lawyer Yeo Min Ran in I love to hate you it’s only her second role in a Netflix original.

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Kim Ok Bin as Tae Al Ha in Arthdal ​​Chronicles (left)

Yoo Teo also starred in all three parts of Arthdal ​​Chronicles but has since acted in supporting and guest roles on Homeless, ChocolateY The School Nurse Files.

yoo teo i love to hate you netflix papers 3

Yoo Teo as Ragaz in Arthdal ​​Chronicles (left) and Jerome/Park Su Chan in Vagabond (right)

Here is the current cast list for I love to hate you:

Role cast member Where have I seen them before?
yeo mi ran kim ok bin Arthdal ​​Chronicles | dark hole | Yoo Na Street
nam kang ho yoo teo The School Nurse Files | vagabond | Arthdal ​​Chronicles
Do Won Joon Kim Ji-hoon flower of evil | Bad thief, good thief | flower boy next door
Shin Na Eun Go Won Hee Revolutionary Sisters | Perfume | The strongest delivery man
oh se na Lee Joo-bin she would never know | Ga Doo Ri Sushi Restaurant
to be confirmed Kim Sung Ryung Are you human too? | Queen’s Flower | The heirs
Grace Choi Yoon-so Unsolicited Family | Love Frequency 37.2 | unknown woman
Yeo Jae Gook Jung Kyu Soo beyond evil | Kingdom | Curator
to be confirmed eugene The Attic: War in Life | All about my mom | Can we love?
to be confirmed Lee Yoo Ri lie after lie | Spring becomes spring | Hide and seek
to be confirmed Kim Sung Ryung Are you human too? | police lady 2 | political fever
to be confirmed Yeon Jung Hoon lie after lie | my healing love | bravo my life

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