As part of Netflix’s action content slate for 2023, believer 2the direct sequel to 2018 Believerit will be released sometime in late 2023. We’re keeping track of everything you need to know about Believer 2, including the plot, cast, trailers, and Netflix release.

Believer 2 is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original action film and the sequel to Believer. The film is directed by Baek Jong Yeol and produced by CJ Entertainment.

When is believer 2 are you coming to netflix

Netflix has yet to release an official release date for Believer 2. However, we can confirm that the movie will be coming to Netflix sometime in Q4 2023.

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What is the plot of believer 2?

We have an official synopsis of believer 2 from Netflix:

Believer 2 follows Won-ho’s investigation into the search for «Rak», who disappeared after Brian’s imprisonment while reaching the core of the elusive drug cartel.

We also have a separate synopsis:

Detective Won-Ho searches for the missing person Rak and also pursues Professor Lee, who is the head of a drug ring. Brian and Keunkal appear in front of Detective Won-Ho. Keunkal is the only one who knows Professor Lee’s true identity.

Who are the cast members of believer 2?

Jo Jin Woong will reprise his role as Jo Won Ho. For Netflix, she recently had a guest role in K-drama. the good bad mother. Outside of Netflix, Jo Jin Woong is known for starring in Believer, The maidand a hard day.

jo jin woong believer 2 netflix k drama sequel everything we know so far

Cha Seung Won will be reprising his role as Brian Lee and has gone from a guest role to a lead role. For Netflix, he has starred in our blues and the movie night in paradise. Outside of Netflix, he is known for starring in splendid politics, My sonand the greatest love.

Cha Seung Won Believer 2 Netflix K Drama Sequel Everything We Know So Far

Han Hyo Joo will be starring in the lead role of Keunkal. The actress recently starred in the film 20th century girl. Outside of Netflix, the actress is best known for starring in the series Dong Yi as the main character, The inner beautyand W: two worlds.

Han Hyo Joo Believer 2 Netflix K Drama Sequel Everything We Know So Far

Oh Seung Hoon will be starring in the lead role of Rak. believer 2 will mark the Netflix debut of Oh Seung Hoon, who is best known for starring in Korean movies like Method, high justiceand wretched.

oh seung hoon believer 2 netflix k drama sequel everything we know so far

Kim Dong Young (run on) and Lee Joo Young (The School Nurse Files) will play the supporting roles of Man Ko and Ro Na respectively.

when it was believer 2 filmed?

believer 2 It was reportedly filmed between early July 2022 and mid-November 2022.

Filming took place in South Korea, Thailand, and Norway.

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