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Netflix has announced that it will carry the new animated series LEGO NINJAGO: Dragons Rising Starting June 1, 2023, in select regions, including the United States.

LEGO Ninjago is the popular sub-franchise that was first introduced by the LEGO Group in 2011. The franchise’s main television series aired from 2011 to 2019, with more than 200 episodes released, various toy sets and other media also created on the franchise.

Most Netflix regions worldwide stream ninjago, with most taking at least a few seasons of the main show, with Australia, Canada and the US presenting seasons 1 to 6 and, in most cases, Netflix globally broadcasts all ten seasons of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

In recent weeks, LEGO has been teasing a new season of the NINJAGO franchise, confirming last July that a new series would be debuting in 2023. Prior to recent announcements, what form the new season would take has been a mystery, with one head writer claiming the new season isn’t simply «not a season title” but something bigger.

The LEGO YouTube channel released a trailer for the new series on April 26 with the title:

“Everything feels so familiar. And yet… nothing is the same. Join new heroes on a journey to exciting and dangerous new worlds in Dragons Rising, the new LEGO NINJAGO extravaganza. Coming soon.»

Now, Netflix has confirmed that it will stream the new season of the show, but only confirmed that it will be released in the US for now. We are still waiting for the full information on availability.

Further region availability can be found on the LEGO page for Dragons Rising.

Additionally, Netflix provided a brief additional synopsis of the new series:

“In the series, many legendary kingdoms have suddenly been combined into one, but their union is unstable. A Spinjitzu Ninja Master must train a new generation of heroes to help find Elemental Dragons that can save the planet before the forces of evil use the same dragon energy to destroy this new world.”

Confirmed voice cast for the show thus far include:

  • sabrina pitre (Tobot, beyblade burst) as Sora – has previously voiced Vanya and Garpo in Ninjago
  • Brian Drummond (first sonic, Dragon Ball Z) as Riyu
  • Deven Mack (first sonic, bewitched daniel) as Arin
  • giles panton (Ninjago, The Man in the High Castle) as Rapton, has previously voiced Kalmaar in Ninjago.
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