From the screenwriter of we are all deada new rom-com k-drama, King the Land, is coming to Netflix in June 2023. We’re tracking everything you need to know about All of Us Are Dead, including the plot, cast, and trailer. and Netflix release date.

king of the earth is an upcoming internationally licensed South Korean Netflix Original romantic comedy series directed by Im Hyun Wook (reflection of you) and written by screenwriters Chun Sung Il (we are all dead) and Choi Rom.

When is the king of the earth Netflix release date?

The release date of the first episode of King the Land has been revealed as Saturday, June 17, 2023.

There will be a total of 16 episodes, releasing twice a week with new episodes on Saturdays and Sundays until the series finale on August 6, 2023.

Episode release schedule

episodes of king of the earth will air on the South Korean cable network jTBC before coming to Netflix.

Episode Netflix release date
1 06/17/2023
2 06/18/2023
3 06/24/2023
4 06/25/2023
5 07/01/2023
6 02/07/2023
7 08/07/2023
8 09/07/2023
9 07/15/2023
10 07/16/2023
eleven 07/22/2023
12 07/23/2023
13 07/29/2023
14 07/30/2023
fifteen 05/08/2023
sixteen 06/08/2023

What is the plot of king of the earth?

The synopsis and descriptions of the characters of king of the earth come from Soompi:

Heir Goo Won can’t stand fake smiles. When he meets Cheon Sa Rang, his sincere smile is ready. The couple seeks to create happy moments in which they can smile at each other.

King of the Land is a VVIP business lounge, a haven for wealthy hoteliers. It is owned by The King Group, with hotels, distribution companies and an airline in its portfolio. Now Goo Won has found himself embroiled in an inheritance tug of war. With his brilliant mind, his innate grace and his captivating charm, he has it all but he lacks common sense when he dates.

Cheon Sa Rang makes the world brighter just with her smile. She is delighted to get a job at the King Hotel, where she spent some of her happiest moments as a child. She must now keep those sweet memories and quickly mature to face the frequent prejudices and misunderstandings in the workplace that come her way.

Who are the cast members of king of the earth?

Lee Junho plays the role of Gu Win. The 2PM boy band member has yet to star in a Netflix original, but will appear in two dramas in 2023 on king of the earth and in Celebrity. Outside of Netflix, Lee Jun Ho has starred in k-dramas the red sleeve and Confession.

lee jun ho king the earth netflix k drama season 1

I’m Yoon Ah plays the role of Cheon Sa Rang. The Girls’ Generation member has yet to star in a Netflix Original. Since 2007, she has starred in various dramas such as the k2, the king in loveand Be quiet.

i am joon ah king the earth netflix k drama season 1

The supporting cast members for King the Land have been confirmed to be as follows:

  • Go Won Hee (Fragrance) as Oh Pyung Hwa
  • kim ga eun (The wind blows) as Kim Ga Eun
  • ahh it has (zombie detective) as Na Sang Rik
  • Kim Jae-won (dream maker) as Kim Jae Won

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