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An exciting new German crime thriller series from the producers of Heterodox is coming to Netflix in June 2023. We’re keeping track of everything you need to know about Dog sleepingincluding the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

Dog sleeping is an upcoming German Netflix Original crime thriller series written by Christoph Darnstädt, which is based on the original series ‘The Exchange Principle’ by Noah Stollman and Oded Davidoff. This is the second collaboration between Netflix and Real Film, who previously produced the award-winning series. Heterodox.

Steffi Ackermann, Netflix’s Head of Local Language Series, had this to say about Real Film:

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“I am delighted to be working again with Real Film Berlin, with whom we have already worked very successfully on our award-winning series ‘Unorthodox.’ German audiences love crime more than any other genre, and we will definitely cater to that need. The experience and creative potential of the entire ‘Sleeping Dogs’ team and cast promise a fantastic miniseries that viewers can look forward to.»

When is the Dog sleeping Netflix release date?

We can confirm that Dog sleeping will premiere on Netflix on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

What is the plot of Dog sleeping?

The synopsis has been extracted from Netflix:

A former detective now living on the streets searches for the truth after a new death raises disturbing questions about a supposedly solved murder case.

We’ve also gotten a more extensive synopsis from IMDb:

A fallen senior police officer and a young would-be prosecutor have two very different motives for opening a closed murder case. But when they do, it turns out to be Pandora’s box. As the bloody trail seems to lead them deeper into the police and justice system, both sides suspect a conspiracy. Or does it all go back to a terrorist attack that rocked the city 18 months ago?

German thriller series Sleeping Dogs is coming to Netflix in June 2023.

Image. Sleeping Dog – REAL Movies / Netflix

Who are the cast members of Dog sleeping?

Max Riemelt plays the role of Mike Atlas. sense8 fans will be familiar with Max Riemelt from playing the role of Wolfgang Bognadow. Outside of Netflix, Riemelt is most famous for starring in movies like Wave, berlin syndromeand Naples.

Luise von Finckh plays the role of Jule Andergast. She will make her Netflix debut in Sleeping Dog. Outside of Netflix, she has starred in dramas like Vienna Blood and Bonn – Alte Fuende, neue Feinde.

Carlo Ljubek plays the role of Luka Zaric. Sleeping Dog will mark the Netflix debut of Carlo, best known for starring in the films Luna, Männer wie wir and the series Altes Geld.

German thriller series Sleeping Dogs is coming to Netflix in June 2023.

Image. Sleeping Dog – REAL Movies / Netflix

The remaining cast members are:

  • Peri Baumeister as Lenni Atlas
  • Antonio Wannek as Roland Sokowski
  • Melodie Wakivuamine as Britney Adebayo
  • Melika Foroutan
  • martin wuttke
  • helga schmid
  • Steffen Mennekes as Ralf Baum
  • berndholscher
  • moon jordan
  • Tara Corrigan

What are the number of episodes and running times?

There will be a total of six episodes. Each episode will last 55 minutes.

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