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The British teen horror mystery has already aired in the UK and will soon be heading to Netflix in all parts of the world.

The title is often compared to black mirror, although it skews much younger as to who is being targeted. Actually, she is somewhere in between black mirror Y Scared.

for him BBCHere’s what you can expect from the series:

“Red Rose is an original horror series that explores the heady relationship between teenagers and their lives online. Set in the long hot summer after GCSEs, our heroes’ friendships infiltrate the Red Rose app that blooms on their smartphones, threatening them with dangerous consequences if they don’t comply with their demands. The app exposes the group to a seemingly supernatural entity and the terrifying and seductive power of the dark web. Red Rose is ultimately a story of friendship, told through the prism of a classic horror thriller.»

Produced by Eleven and distributed by Entertainment One, the show is jointly distributed by the BBC in the UK and Netflix in the rest of the world. It has already aired in the UK, with all eight episodes set to air in summer 2022 on the newly revived BBC Three.

It debuted to mixed reviews from the public, although the British press generally liked it.

Rosie Fletcher from Den of Geek said: “Red Rose is fresh and personable while feeling familiar and true to life. Pulling off social media-based teen horror and making it feel like a timeless Saturday night on the boozer is no mean feat.”

Netflix was first announced to pick up the international rights for the series in February 2020.

When will Red Rose be on Netflix?

Netflix has yet to officially announce when the show will arrive, but we’ve learned that they plan to. release the series in its entirety on February 15, 2023.

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Red rose – Image: Eleven / Entertainment One

Will Red rose be on Netflix UK?

Not right away, but as with most BBC co-productions, we expect the show to make its way to Netflix UK at a later date. Notably, it won’t carry the original Netflix branding either.

Until then, the series remains available in its entirety on BBC iPlayer.

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