yellow stone is among the most popular series currently streaming in 2022, and given its lack of availability on Netflix, you may be looking for something similar to watch on Netflix. We’ve picked out several alternatives (and one that Netflix has in the works) that should hit the same spot.

As we’ve covered, Netflix isn’t and won’t be streaming. yellow stone in the next few years unless something drastically changes.

So with that crushing reality, what programs are similar to yellow stone on Netflix right now? Here are our top picks:

Shows Like Yellowstone On Netflix Right Now


longmire netflix series

Longmire – Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

Let’s start with the most apparent title in the Netflix library that is similar to yellow stone.

longmire It was the long-running series that Netflix saved from the A&E networks and eventually aired for 6 seasons in 63 episodes.

Created by John Coveny, the show followed Sheriff Walt Longmire, who tries to put his life back together after the death of his wife.

Often appearing on Nielsen’s top 10 lists, many fans had hoped that there might be a second revival in some form on Netflix, bringing it back for a seventh season, but nothing happened on that front.


godless netflix series

Image: Netflix

If you can believe it Impious it is the only traditional western series Netflix has ever produced. They’ve had a few hits in the movie format with Bandits Y the power of the dogbut for the most part, they have stayed away from the serialized genre.

Coming from the showrunner of the beloved checkers gambit, Impious was Scott Frank’s 2017 limited series detailing how a ruthless outlaw terrorized the West in search of a former gang member, who found a new life in a sleepy town populated only by women.

the cast for Impious includes Jeff Daniels, Michelle Dockery, and Jack O’Connell.

Peaky Blinders

peaky blinders netflix

Image: BBC

Looking for a well-written period drama featuring a close-knit family? Peaky Blinders from creator Steven Knight should be for you.

Since airing in 2013 and recently wrapped up with its sixth and final season (though it’s long been rumored to be a movie) the series stars Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby, a gangster with grand visions for his gang.

The show shares many similarities with yellow stone despite being set nearly a hundred years earlier.


borderline netflix series

An underrated gem within the Netflix library is the Jason Momoa series. Border, a co-production that Netflix had with the Canadian Discovery Channel.

Momoa stars as Declan Harp, a trapper wanted by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1700s Canada for disrupting their monopoly on the fur trade.

Sadly, despite plans for future seasons, none have come to fruition and thus the series remains technically unfinished, but that shouldn’t put you off giving this series a whirl.


first seasons heartland removed from netflix internationally

Image: Genesis International / Entertainment One

Finally, if you just like yellow stone for the family ranch look and looking for a bit more of a feel-good series, you couldn’t do worse than Heartlands.

With many episodes available (and more to come), the series based on Lauren Brooke’s book is about a ranch located in the Alberta foothills who struggles to balance the books while caring for abused and abandoned horses.

Upcoming programs like yellow stone Coming soon on Netflix

The Abandonments

kurt suter

Image: Getty Images

Kurt Sutter has a history of creating shows that resonate strongly with an audience similar to yellow stone and his next big project is on Netflix. If he’s not familiar with Sutter, he’s worked on Sons of Anarchy, The shield, Y the bastard executioner.

The next project is called The Abandonments and it’s a western that Sutter will write and serve as showrunner.

This is what it’s all about:

“When a corrupting force of wealth and power covets the lands of a group of diverse and atypical families and tries to drive them out, they must pursue their Manifest Destiny.”

Do you have any other recommendations on what to watch on Netflix to replace yellow stone? Let us know in the comments below.