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The cerebellum is considered essential for many everyday functions.

The cerebellum is a fundamental part of the brain for human life, but is it essential? Until now it was thought so, but apparently we were wrong. That is at least what the case of a Chinese woman who has discovered that she does not have a cerebellum demonstrates.

The doctors made the finding after the young woman underwent tests as a result of vomiting and dizziness that had been coming for a long time.

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The case of the Chinese woman has shocked the medical community.

The cerebellum regulates motor skills and is related to learning, cognition, attention and even language. Therefore, it is assumed that a person with damage to this organ will have serious difficulties when it comes to walking and talking, for example.

In the case of the Chinese woman, although she did not change walking alone until she was seven years old and her speech was not coherent until she was six, she has hardly suffered disorders associated with the absence of the cerebellum. In addition, when she reached 24 years of age, she has become a mother.