image source, AFP


The deputy director general of the WHO warned that Ebola could become a humanitarian catastrophe.

The World Health Organization will examine colleagues that the epidemic of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa is unparalleled in modern times and threatens to become a humanitarian catastrophe.

Breaking the news, Bruce Aylward, deputy director-general of the WHO, said fast action is needed.

So far, some 2,500 people have been reported dead, but the number is feared to be considerably higher, taking into account that affected areas may have significant numbers of unrecorded cases. The figure could reach tens of miles.

The international institution Doctors Without Borders called on Tuesday to send more troops to help stop the epidemic. The institution assured that in Liberia, one of the countries most affected by the outbreak, patients are breaking down the doors of hospitals in search of help, so as not to infect their families.