next month of Juneall persons who have an employment contract, verbal or written, other than the provision of services, they are entitled to receive their mid-year premium.

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According to the law, the maximum period that your employee has to pay you this benefit is June 30. If they do not do so, they face sanctions such as paying the worker a daily salary for each day of delay, with a maximum of 24 months of delay.

How much should that money correspond to? The law says that It is the payment equivalent to 15 days for each semester worked. The other 15 days are paid in the month of December. But if it is not very clear to you, we make things easy for you.

The EL TIEMPO Data Unit developed a simple interactive salary calculator which will allow you to calculate the value according to your conditions.

premium calculator

Legal Premium Liquidator

To calculate your premium Enter your monthly salary


worked days


The value of your premium is:


How is the premium calculated? myThe value you will receive is calculated from the semester remuneration. In other words, accounts must be made for 180 working days.

In this sense, you must take the base salary, multiply it by the time served (180 days), and divide it by 360.

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For those who work for days, the same process can be done, adjusting the days worked and the daily salary of each worker. This can be done in the working days section of the tool.

For exampleif the person works only three days a week, the initial figure of the daily wage added to the transportation allowance must be multiplied by 12 (days you work per month).

It is worth remembering that since July 2016, Law 1788 indicates that employers who hire people to do work at home must pay them a service premium. In this video we explain how to do that calculation.

.Remember that the maximum term by law to pay the premium is June 30, 2023.

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