The Government of Gustavo Petro has proposed several changes to the subsidy model and for this the targeting of public spending is essential. For this, yesterday the Department of National Planning (DNP) presented the Social Registry of Householdsa new information system on the economic and social conditions of Colombians.

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The Social Registry of Households in a complementary element to the sisben, which follows. We are taking advantage of the experience we had during the pandemic, where we made great progress with the inter-administrative records, which are the ones that the different entities and ministries have.”, explained the director of the DNP, Jorge Iván González.

With this tool, according to Gónzález, the available information will be improved, with more complex databases, and thus the public policy around social spending will also improve.
During the presentation of the tool, Laura Pabón, Director of Social Development of the DNPexplained that this instrument currently uses 28 national databases, including Sisbén IV, and 1,832 territorial databases.

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This interoperability of the registries will make it possible to advance in the traceability of household conditions, recognize the beneficiaries of institutional aid and improve the design of targeting and the efficiency of social spending.

Thanks to these databases, according to Planning, there are already with more than 50 million records and three query modules for entities and citizens.

González will also highlight that the importance of the Social Registry of Households is that it will allow progress towards the Universal Declaration of Incomea measure that was also defined in the National Development Plan.

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The next step, which we have called phase three, is the Universal Income Registry, so that everyone can say how much their income is, but that is a later phase.«Gonzalez said.

According to the director of the DNP, the goal is to get to know who should pay taxes and who should receive subsidies based on their income and not on other measures, such as stratum.

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