We have always associated a smile with happiness. But if we turn the tables and generate a debate similar to: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?, we can also ask ourselves the following question: Does smiling make us happier?

Scientists have been working on this question for more than 35 years and the results have been very different. The first researchers, in 1988, came to the conclusion that smiling, simply imitating the movement with a pen in the mouth, did make us happier. That muscle tension fooled the brain.


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In recent years, scientists have tried to address this question. Although some studies did support this hypothesis, others were on the opposite side. It should be noted that there are now many people who suffer from a type of depression, nicknamed ‘smiling’ because patients try to hide it.

The truth is recent studies if supporting the hypothesis of 1988, although with some changes. It is not enough to hold a pen in the mouth, they must imitate the smile.