Every February 14 is celebrated in various countries on Valentine’s Day, better known as Valentine’s Day, at which time love takes center stage; Curiously, it is said that this is one of the dates where more marriage proposals are made. However, what happens when love is not enough? On many occasions, family and financial problems arise, as Shakira sarcastically recounts in her most recent success where she says: «You left my mother-in-law as a neighbor with the press at the door and the debt in the treasury.»

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Cases like these are frequently experienced by many couples who are going through this situation without knowing what options they have in the face of a love break. Taking this scenario into account, the investment platform, tyba, has identified 5 steps to follow after a separation so that you can make intelligent decisions about your finances and, at the same time, you can overcome «the tusa».

1. Accept that the relationship is over and don’t block your feelings. The relationship has come to an end, and regardless of the reasons why this has happened, you should be aware that now your emotions will vary in the coming weeks. These feelings could range from regret to resentment, “psychology experts recommend not blocking these feelings and finance and investment experts say that it is better not to make important financial decisions at these emotional peaks”says Jose Ibarra, Experience Director at tyba.

2. With a cool head make a list of assets and debts in common. Life as a couple, regardless of how long the relationship has lasted, may have involved sharing some expenses, such as a subscription to Netflix, Prime or Spotify, or even the purchase of an asset such as a car or a property. Make a list of everything you laughed at, and even the debts you acquired in common, so that you can start ordering your finances and in a next step you can distribute, keep or agree on payment terms.

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3. Decide what things are likely to be distributed and what things each one keeps. On the previous list, you should think about what things can be distributed equally or according to the level of investment of each one. Remember that regardless of the fact that there is no legal link, when it comes to mortgages or distribution of assets and debts of a significant amount of money, it is advisable to seek advice from a lawyer to avoid future problems.

4. Recover your financial independence and focus on your personal dreams. With the separation of assets clearly defined and the money you have, you have regained your financial independence. Now is the time to look to the future and set your personal goals, perhaps revisit a dream from the past that you did not come to fulfill because you prioritized your relationship or find a new goal that makes you happy at this point in your life. Start planning them in time and consider the budget you need to make them come true.

5. Make your money work to fulfill those dreams. It’s time to start billing and there are many ways to do it. “If you have money saved, it is best to put it to work so that it generates profitability over time, since being still in a savings account, after a few years, it will be affected by inflation, then we will be losing purchasing power . In the tyba app people can find a simple, fast and affordable way to start investing in different alternatives such as a digital CDT, Voluntary Pension Fund and Collective Investment Funds from low amounts, even in FICs you can start from $5,000 pesos. The platform identifies the risk profile of each person and guides them to learn about the financial world while investing”, adds Ibarra.

In short, in a love break it is important to manage emotions and keep in mind that it must be dissolved in the best way without affecting the finances of the other. Always looking for outside help can be a great option to ensure the economic and mental well-being of the family.