Since February 1st, the District Decree 005 of 2022through which a 25% discount on the maximum rate (does not apply to transfers) was regulated in the rates of the public transportation system in Bogotá for trunk (TransMilenio) and zonal (SITP) service modalities.

(How to access the TransMilenio subsidized rate).

According to the Ministry of Mobility, this discount is applicable on 30 trips per month, that is, from trip 31, the rate will be the same that the common user must pay, that is, trunk $2,950 and zonal $2,750.

This benefit can be accessed by people 16 years of age or older, registered in the Sisbén database of the District Planning Secretariat, with a score between 0 and 30.56 points.

(This is how the Transmilenio, taxis and Sitp fares were for 2023).

People registered in the Sisben database in groups A1 to B7 and over 16 years of age, will be able to access the transportation incentive in the TransMilenio System and in the Zonal, with discounts on the cost of the ticket, for trunk services the value of the passage is $2500; for zonal services it is $2250 and the value of transfers 0 from Troncal to Zonal or between Zonal and Zonal, $200 from Zonal to Troncal.

Trunk rate and TransMiCable: $2,500.

Zone rate: $2,250.

Transfer: Zonal – zonal $0, Trunk-zonal $0 and Zonal-trunk $200, applicable to two transfers during the 110 minutes following the first validation.

(Transportation assistance would be enough for 47 MT tickets with the increase).

Keep in mind that the people who currently have the benefit and have not completed the new survey (which has been enabled since March 31, 2021) or are not part of the benefited groups, as of January 31, 2023 will no longer They will have their differential rate.