After the announcement of the investigation for alleged irregularities in the integration of Avianca and Viva Air by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, the airline ruled through a statement.

Regarding the case, it was ensured that «the economic rights of the Viva airline were acquired in April 2022 in a transaction executed with complete transparency.»

In the same way, the document highlights that the «transaction was carried out in compliance with resolution 10390 of 2015 of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce -SIC- that clearly endorses the business separation structure (segregating economic rights from politicians) and clearly indicates that the absence of control is the main criterion for evaluating the independence of the parties”.

Based on the above, Avianca asserts that the airlines have competed «aggressively, without influence, or coordination and in full compliance with the law.»

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In another of the sections they clarify that «neither Avianca nor its shareholders have had any influence on the management of the Viva airline, fully complying with said criterion.»

Faced with the investigations that will be carried out, Avianca says that they will respect the role of the authorities and will fully cooperate in clarifying the facts.

However, they assure that they will «absolutely reject misinformation, slander and false news made by agents of our competitors»

The investigations referred to in the statement are carried out by SIC agents who arrived on Thursday morning at the offices of the companies in Bogotá and Rionegro.

In the case of Avianca, the administrative inspection visit was made in order to collect information related to its operations and the companies with which it has an economic relationship in the Colombian market. With the information collected, the superintendency seeks to determine if the competition protection regime is being complied with.

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