Trevor Bauer was suspended in April 2022 over sexual assault allegations, causing him to miss the entire 2022 regular season after going on administrative leave in July 2021. The suspension was eventually lifted, but it is not known if Bauer He will remain with the Los Angeles Dodgers. uncertain. The right-handed pitcher has played in the MLB since 2011 for four different franchises, including the Arizona Diamondbacks, Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds.

The last time Bauer competed in the MLB was in 2021, when he finished with an 8-5 record in 17 games. Additionally, Bauer received the 2020 National League Cy Young Award while playing for the Reds.


At the time of his suspension, Bauer issued a statement condemning the allegations and pledging to appeal the ruling: «I am appealing this action and hope to prevail. As we have throughout this process, I and my representatives respect the confidentiality of the procedures.»

Why was he suspended?

Bauer was officially suspended by MLB on April 29, 2022, initially for 324 games, though this decision was eventually reviewed upon appeal. The suspension was the result of an investigation the league conducted into the domestic violence and sexual assault allegations against him. The pitcher had initially been on administrative leave since July 2021 after police began investigating Bauer over allegations of sexual assault by a woman.

Following the league’s decision, the Dodgers issued the following statement: «The Dodgers organization takes all allegations of this nature very seriously and does not condone or condone any act of domestic violence or sexual assault. We have fully cooperated with the investigation of MLB since it began, and we fully support MLB’s Joint Policy on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse, and the Commissioner’s enforcement of the Policy. We understand that Trevor has the right to appeal the Commissioner’s decision. Therefore, we will not comment further until the process is complete.»

Several women from different states have accused Bauer of assaulting them, including a woman who alleged Bauer was physically violent towards her in 2017 while she was in Ohio and a third accuser who came forward during MLB’s investigation.

How long was he suspended?

Initially, MLB ruled that Bauer would be suspended for two full regular seasons of baseball. However, Bauer appealed the ruling, and on December 22, 2022, an independent arbitrator modified his suspension to 194 games, lifting it effective immediately.


«Today, the neutral arbitrator selected by MLB and the MLBPA affirmed that Trevor Bauer violated Major League Baseball’s Joint Policy on Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse,» MLB said in a statement at the time. «After a thorough review of the available evidence, the neutral arbitrator upheld a 194-game unpaid suspension. As part of the decision, the arbitrator effectively and immediately reinstated Mr. Bauer, with forfeiture of pay covering all 144 games. games that were suspended during the 2022 season.»

What is your career income?

Over the course of 12 seasons, the 31-year-old Bauer has earned more than $82 million as a pitcher in total career earnings. Additionally, if Bauer continues to play with the Dodgers, the franchise will owe him up to $22 million for the 2023 season. Bauer’s suspension is considered the longest non-life suspension ever issued in MLB history.