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On our screens since 2005, Grey’s Anatomy it remains one of the few medical dramas available on Netflix in select regions. Will the show be back for season 20 and when can we expect it to hit Netflix? This is what we know.

First of all, it will be Grey’s Anatomy Is he back for a 20th season? Yes absolutely. It was renewed for another unprecedented season in February 2023, taking the show beyond the 420 episodes already produced. It’s expected for the fall 2023 season, but the ongoing writers’ strikes could push this back significantly.

It’s worth noting at this point that only two Netflix regions stream Grey’s Anatomy. Those are Netflix in the United States and Netflix in Canada.

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When Grey’s Anatomy streaming season 20 on Netflix?

For the most part, Grey’s Anatomy has followed a strict schedule on ABC where it airs and came to Netflix in a similarly strict fashion. It was one of the few shows that also managed to keep its schedule in 2020 mainly during the pandemic.

That means that in previous years, Netflix has mostly picked up new seasons every June.

The writers’ strike, however, will have an impact on the new season, given that the pens have been down since May 1, 2023. In fact, Grey’s Anatomy at the moment does not appear on ABC’s fall 2023 schedule.

With no end in sight to the strike, that means the Netflix release date for Grey’s Anatomy and ABC’s launch schedule is constantly delayed, so at this point we’re predicting the show will return in late 2024, but even then, that’s up in the air.

Willpower Grey’s Anatomy ever leave netflix?

We’ve covered this before, but it’s worth updating and repeating.

Netflix holds the rights to Grey’s Anatomy for the show’s lifetime plus three years. With a new season coming in 2024, Netflix will keep the show in its entirety until 2027. Of course, if the show is renewed for a 21st season, it will be delayed again in the future.

Now, if Disney decides it wants to bring Grey’s Anatomy back exclusively to its own streaming platform, it could pay Netflix to get out of the deal early. However, since that has not happened so far and Disney is in cost cutting mode at the time of publication, there doesn’t appear to be any current interest in doing so.

Of course, Shonda Rhimes is currently working on a host of Netflix projects as part of her broad overall deal with Netflix. Upcoming titles include expansions for Bridgerton (including season 3), The residence, sun explorersand The heat of other suns.

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