Surviving the night – Image: Lionsgate

Happy Friday! Welcome to your weekend roundup of what’s new on Netflix. We’ll take a look at all the new releases from the past few days, recap some of the ones we think you should watch, and review the top 10 on Netflix.

In case you missed it, on May 1st Netflix US added 57 new movies and series, and on Sunday we’ll have a full rundown of everything new on Netflix over the weekend and we’ll include those 57 titles that we just mentioned.

Over the weekend the big new release is A man named Ottoand on the moving front, today is your last day to watch the british diving documentary Last breath. We also recommend streaming border town throughout the weekend, as all three seasons expire towards the end of next week.

The best new movies and series added to Netflix

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Limited Series)

number of episodes:6
Classification: TV-MA
Language: English
Gender: Biography, Drama, History
Cast: India Amartefio, Adjoa Andoh, Michelle Fairley, Ruth Gemmell, Corey Mylchreest, Golda Rosheuvel

Shooting straight to the top of the charts (and with good reason) is the excellent new limited series that serves as a prequel and bridge to season 3 of Bridgerton.

The gripping new drama tells the story of Queen Charlotte’s rise to prominence and power.

In his glowing review of the new series, Matthew Gilbert for the Boston Globe concluded:

“Queen Charlotte has the same beautiful gardens, the same covers of pop songs, the same upbeat tone and the same central theme: the search for love. It’s a spin-off, yes, but it’s good.»

survive the night (2020)

Classification: R.
Language: English
Gender: Action, Drama, Thriller
Director: Matt Eskandari
Cast: Bruce Willis, Chad Michael Murray, Shea Buckner
Writer: doug wolfe
Execution time: 90min / 1h 30m

Now, if you’re in for an action game and you’re willing to not question what you see on the screen for an hour and a half, Lionsgate Pictures’ Survive the Night might be for you.

The film is about a trauma doctor and his family who are held hostage by criminals after a botched armed robbery leaves one of them injured and in need of surgery.

Laya’s horizon

Finally, we’d like to give a thumbs up and a warm recommendation to Laya’s Horizon, the second game to come from small indie studio Snowman exclusively for Netflix.

The Canadian-produced title will make you master the art of flying around and around obstacles in beautiful environments.

Full List of New Releases on Netflix (May 2-5)

11 new movies added

  • Amrutham Chandamamalo (2014) – TV-14 – Telugu – When the opportunity arises to colonize the moon and expand their business, billionaires Amrutham and Anji become unwitting adventurers.
  • Arctic Dogs (2019) – PG – English – When he stumbles upon the evil Otto Von Walrus’ plan to melt the Arctic, ambitious delivery fox Swifty assembles a ragtag team to protect the planet.
  • AY: Spotting the Difference (2023) – TV-14 – English – In his eclectic debut special, Ayo “AY” Makun hilariously talks about eccentric pastors, media bias, and the untold wonders of medical payment plans.
  • Subway (2023) – TV-14 – Telugu – After a reluctant policeman is promoted, he tries to sabotage his own promotion, until an unexpected clash with a corrupt politician forces him to change his mind.
  • Rowdy Partner (2014) – TV-MA – Telugu – After a clash with an officer, a man joins the police force out of spite. In his new role, he is up against a corrupt and powerful local politician.
  • Surviving the Night (2020) – R – English
  • Tammudu (1999) – TV-14 – Telugu – The banished son of a respectable family gets a chance to redeem himself when he takes the place of his injured brother in a kickboxing tournament.
  • The Order of Things (2022) – TV-14 – English – When family tradition dictates that his older brother should marry first, a frustrated fiancé gives his shy and perennially single brother a makeover.
  • Three (Telugu) (2012) – TV-14 – Telugu – After the unnatural death of her husband, a young widow searching for answers discovers a secret diagnosis and a world of hidden suffering and sacrifice.
  • Your Jhoothi ​​Main Mecca (2023) – TV-MA – Hindi – To earn extra money, Mickey helps break up couples, but life gets complicated when he falls for Tinni, a career woman with an independent streak.
  • Yogi (2007) – TV-MA – Telugu – Eager to earn money for his widowed mother, a devoted son heads to the big city where a violent encounter turns him into a vigilante bent on justice.

8 new TV series added

  • Great British Baking Show: Juniors (Season 7) Netflix Original – TV-G – English – Britain’s most talented young bakers wow judges with cakes, cookies, breads and more in this kid-focused spinoff of “The Great British Baking Show”.
  • Grizzy and the Lemmings (Season 3) – TV-Y7 – French – Grizzy bear loves to snack and relax in a cabin in the Canadian forest, where a herd of adorable, thrill-seeking lemmings is always causing chaos.
  • Jewish Matchmaking (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-14 – English – When Jewish singles are ready to get serious, they turn to Aleeza Ben Shalom to find their perfect romantic partner in the US and Israel.
  • Larva Family (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-Y7 – Spanish – The Larva family is growing! When Red and Yellow welcome a baby caterpillar into their lives, they get a crash course in parenting and all things rot.
  • Love Village (Season 1 – New Episodes Weekly) Netflix Original – TV-14 – Japanese – Singles over the age of 35 from various backgrounds move to a house in the countryside to have another chance at love. Will they find «the one» or go it alone?
  • Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Limited Series) Netflix Original – TV-MA – English – Young Queen Charlotte’s marriage to England’s King George sparks an epic love story and transforms high society in this prequel to the “Bridgerton” universe.
  • Sanctuary (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Japanese – A tough and desperate boy becomes a sumo wrestler, captivating fans with his cocky attitude and upending an industry steeped in tradition.
  • The Tailor (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV-MA – Turkish – A famous tailor starts sewing a wedding dress for his best friend’s fiancée, but the three of them have dark secrets that will soon change their lives.

The 10 best movies and series on Netflix for May 5, 2023

Now, let’s take a look at what’s trending in the US Netflix Top 10 for May 5:

# TV shows Films
1 Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Pitch perfect
2 firefly lane The dilemma
3 Sweet tooth alias
4 the diplomat The Croods
5 the agent of the night Heat
6 Better call Saul beyond suspicion
7 jewish matchmaking american gangster
8 Beef the family that hunts
9 working mothers the glass castle
10 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba G.I. Joe: Retaliation

What are you watching on Netflix this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.