For these dates all the workers are waiting for the payment of the mid-year premium This is an additional benefit received by all those who have an employment contract, whether verbal or in writing.

The premium corresponds to 15 days of salary per semester worked and its deadline to pay it is before June 30, for the first semester, and before December 20, for the second.

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It is important to use it wisely to make the most of this extra income.

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So, since asobancaria They made a number of recommendations on its use:

1. Before you decide what to spend your premium on, you should assess your current financial needs. if you have outstanding debtsThe recommended thing is to allocate part of the premium to pay them and thus reduce your financial obligations.

2. If you don’t already have an emergency fund, one option might be to set aside a portion of your premium to start one. according to asobancariaan emergency fund providing peace of mind and financial security in case of unforeseen events such as illness, home repairs or loss of employment.

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Which workers are not paid the mid-year premium?

3. You should also consider using part of the bonus to invest in your professional development. You can use the money to sign up courses, workshops or training programs that help you acquire new skills and improve your job prospects in the long term.

4. If you already have your basic needs covered and have established an emergency fund, you might consider setting aside a portion of your premium for savings or investment. For example, one option is to open a savings account or explore investment options that fit your financial goals.

5. Also, you shouldn’t forget that this perk is a reward for your work, so it’s also important to treat yourself to a treat.

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How to calculate the premium amount?

If, for example, you started working in mid-January, the first thing to do is apply the following formula: multiply your salary by the days worked and divide the result by 360 days, which is the annual basis for calculation. This will be the real value that you will be paid as a premium. In other words, if you entered into a labor contract on January 15, you must multiply your monthly salary by 165 days worked and then divide by 360.

*With information from Asobancaria