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We have been welcomed to Eden twice and while a third visit was certainly warranted, Netflix has decided not to renew welcome to eden for a third season. Here’s why the show got canceled and everything we wanted from a welcome to eden Season 3 on Netflix.

welcome to eden is a Netflix Original Spanish-language science fiction drama series created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López; Produced by Brutal Media, the series was filmed on the incredible islands of Lanzarote and San Sebastián and in the province of Teruel.

The first season arrived in May 2022 and the second in April 2023.

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welcome to eden Season 3 Netflix Renewal Status

Netflix renewal status: Canceled (Last update: 07/07/2023)

July 7, 2023 reported that the show had been officially canceled along with a couple of other Netflix shows and those that were being High Sky: The Series and In love again.

The outlet cited viewing statistics as the main problems for all three series.

The first season was able to rack up 140,340,000 hours in Netflix’s global top ten and stayed in the top ten for five weeks. Meanwhile, the series spent a week on the Nielsen top ten list, with a total of 4.32 million hours. For a third season renewal, then the second season really needed to match or better its path from season 1 and that didn’t happen.

As you can see in the week-by-week progression of Netflix’s top 10 (embedded below but available here as well), you can see that Season 2 lagged behind significantly and fell out of the top 10 much faster.

welcome to eden watching figures netflix

What we expected from season 3 of welcome to eden

Since the season finale ended on another cliffhanger, it definitely needs at least one more season, but sadly that won’t happen. This is what we still wanted to see.

After her attempt to escape the island in the first season, Zoa was stunned by the fact that her little sister, Gabi, had arrived on the island. Everyone else had failed in their attempts to escape her, and even Charly, who had managed to find a way off the island, was eventually caught and captured by Joel and Danae.

welcome to eden season 2 episode 4 charly captured

Charly was captured after his attempted escape from the island – Brutal Media / Netflix

Throughout the season, Zoa and Bel were plotting Astrid’s downfall, however, they realized that a mole had been feeding Astrid information about what they were up to. After some incorrect accusations, it was revealed that Gabi had betrayed her sister’s trust and told Astrid everything. At first, Gabi’s betrayal was motivated by trying to protect her sister from her, but before long Astrid’s claws dug deep and Gabi’s betrayal was motivated by the need to protect her new home.

Among those killed by Astrid’s followers was Ibon, who after killing Ulysses and trying to escape made him incredibly dangerous. Alma took it upon herself to execute him, as part of her duty to protect her master from her. After being arrested for the attempted murder plot on her. Zoa and Bel were to be executed. Gabi’s cry for mercy for her sister had an impact on Astrid, who was willing to let her live but she insisted that Bel had to die. However, Zoa was not willing to let her friend die alone and she refused Astrid’s mercy. Before Astrid could give the execution order, Detective Brisa arrived with her team by helicopter to search for the people reported missing on the island.

welcome to eden season 2 episode 8 run of bel zoa

Bel and Zoa about to be executed – Brutal Media / Netflix

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Danae was working for Mr. Sisuk, who had hired Danae to assassinate Astrid’s father. After a secret conversation with Som, Danae received a chip that Som had been hiding in her shoulder. Thanks to whatever was on the chip, Danae was able to access the broadcast room and hacked into her system. However, as she was about to leave the room, Isaac was waiting by the door and caught her red-handed.

África is also pregnant with Erick’s child, but before finding out about this, she had already returned to her family after being convinced that her relationship with África was nothing more than an affair.

welcome to eden season 2 episode 6 africa erick

Africa is pregnant with Erick’s baby, but she is back with her family – Brutal Media / Netflix

Astrid’s manufactured paradise is crumbling around her thanks to the arrival of Detective Breeze, the failed rebellion led by Zoa and Bel, Danae secretly working for Mr. Sisuk, not to mention her own martial issues with Erick. It’s safe to say that Astrid has a lot of issues to deal with in season three. As for Zoa, her highest priority is to get her and her sister Gabi off the island as quickly as possible.

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