Warrior Nun cover – Image: Netflix.

warrior nun is coming back This morning it was learned that the fantasy series for LGBTQ+ teens warrior nun will have a revival in some form, according to showrunner Simon Barry. This is what is known so far.

how could you know warrior nun first premiered on Netflix in 2020 before its second season finally returned to the service in November 2022. After performing poorly according to internal Netflix statistics and outside sources, the show was promptly canceled the following month, in December. of 2022.

Of course, if you’ve been on Twitter since that cancellation, you’ve inevitably seen the fan outcry that’s taken place.

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Whether it’s the coordinated hashtags or the phrases that constantly appear in the trending box, the fan campaigns and fan sites that appear (such as the well organized The OCS Newsletter), either dozens of items constantly talking about the show and the revival efforts, it’s been hard to ignore the warrior nun bigotry. That’s not to mention the various petitions set up either.

Fans have also put their money where their mouth is. Billboards were deployed around the world, including outside Netflix’s Los Angeles headquarters.

warrior nun billboard outside netflix headquarters

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Their voices have been heard, apparently, with Simon Barry (the showrunner of warrior nun) Tweeting at 6:16 AM BST (01:16 EST) on June 28 to confirm that warrior nun will return, although there are many questions about what this means on paper.

There are a few big things to keep in mind about this announcement of the show’s return, and most of them are questions.

First off, it’s worth noting that only showrunner David Barry has spoken about the revival thus far. Netflix, who typically likes to coordinate ads across its portfolio of social channels and outlets, has yet to speak on the matter, leading some to speculate that the streaming service won’t be home to any future renaissance. Netflix was also not explicitly mentioned in Barry’s Tweet.

Second, all we know is that warrior nun will return. In particular, there is no mention of what format it will return. Season 3 or a new season is the thought to go, but he doesn’t mention it explicitly.

Shows canceled on Netflix and revived elsewhere aren’t new, but they are extremely rare, and Netflix often holds on to the rights and isn’t about to let them go. We’ve seen a fan campaign revive a show before. sense8 notably, a one-off movie was given to complete the story after being canceled after season 2.

Currently, we’re told that Netflix still has the streaming rights to Seasons 1 and 2 in perpetuity.

So could the IP come back in a different format perhaps? It’s no secret that the show is based on a comic (the author of the comic mentioned the renaissance on their Facebook page today), so could that be the format we see making a comeback? Maybe an audiobook?

We have reached out to Netflix, which has yet to give us an official response on the future of warrior nun.

Inevitably, there is much more to this story to come, so we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

are you happy to see warrior nun revived? What do you hope to see from the revival?