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Has Unstable Has it been renewed or cancelled? His future seems in limbo. Rob Lowe’s comedy series got off to a slow start in the top 10, but was reportedly looking for a green light for season 2 before the WGA strike. Here is everything we know about Unstable Season 2 on Netflix.

Unstable is a Netflix Original comedy series created by father-son duo Rob Lowe and John Own Lowe, with Victor Fresco. The three, along with Marc Buckland, serve as executive producers for the series, with Hailey Chavez, Missy Mansour, and Lisa Iannone serving as producers. Rob Lowe’s production company, Lowe Profile, and studio Garfield Grove are the production companies behind the series.

Unstable Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Netflix renewal status: Pending (Last update: 05/04/2023)
Our renewal prediction: Probable cancellation (but it doesn’t look good)

From the statistics alone, it seemed unlikely that Unstable would return, having only appeared in the global top 10 (see below) for a single week before disappearing; however, new reports reveal that work on a second season was underway.

After the WGA strike, which started on May 1, 2023things do not seem clear for the future of Unstable. According to Deadline, while the series had hasn’t gotten a full green light yet Netflix had been thinking of a spring 2023 start of production, and some scripts had been written for the potential eight-episode season.

According to their report, «Employees were told earlier this week that production would be suspended and that they would be laid off at the end of the week.»

With the strike now underway and no end in sight, the future of Unstable is in danger on Netflix.

As mentioned, Unstable it reached the top ten charts in 45 countries worldwide. However, in the first five days, which includes the entire weekend, Unstable has only been able to accumulate 11,360,000 million viewing hours.

In our top 10 report for the week ending April 2, 2023, when you convert audience to CVE, you don’t make a strong case for renewal:

audience not stagnant vs other netflix shows

It will take Netflix several weeks, or even months, to decide the future of the series, as viewing statistics will be a key factor in determining the future of the series.

Compared to other all-star comedies like disengaged, starring Neil Patrick Harris, the series was only able to rack up 26.52 million hours (albeit in the second week) and was soon canceled by Netflix. Yeah Unstable is to get a second season on Netflix, it will require significantly better viewing figures than what was shown in the first week. In fact, it may even require the sitcom to triple its viewing figures if it has any hope of being renewed.

As we’ve covered on this site, with a few exceptions, many Netflix comedy series struggle to go beyond a first season, particularly those starring them. God’s Favorite Idiot, The Pentaverate, living with yourself, hard celland countless more everyone is waiting for announcements of new seasons, but it is likely that they will never arrive.

On the plus side, reviews of Unstable they’ve been pretty strong so far, receiving generally positive acclaim from both critics and the public.

Does Unstable Do you need a second season? What could we expect?

There are some key moments in the season one finale that set up some plot threads for season 2;

  • In the aftermath of Jean’s deception and her attempt to remove Ellis from the board, Ellis gave her marching orders and was fired. Clearly affected by her plotting, however, Ellis sets Jean’s car on fire, in a display of deranged and maniacal revenge.
    • Ellis getting revenge on Jean’s car could result in a nasty court case, and may even propel Jean even further in her bid to get him out of his own company. She has allies on the board who can leave the back door open for her to return to the company if Ellis is ousted.
    • Ellis clearly needs the help of a mental health professional, as getting back at a person by setting their car on fire is unhealthy. We would expect to see more than a few visits to the psychiatrist to help Ellis.
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Image: Ellis (Rob Lowe) definitely needs to see a shrink in season 2 – Garfield Grove/LoweProfile

  • Initially, Jackson had feelings for Ruby, but despite going on a date, any romance between the pair quickly fizzled out. However, this has led to Jackson finding romance with Ruby’s best friend Luna after sharing a kiss.
    • We’d expect to see Jackson and Luna’s romance blossom in season two, and how that will affect his friendship with Ruby.
    • Jackson is also in an extremely vulnerable place right now thanks to Jean’s deceit, as he can sense that Jean was only using him to execute her plan against his father.
    • With his father still reeling from his mother’s death and the fallout from Jean’s attempted hit, Jackson will have a lot on his plate as he tries to juggle his budding relationship with Luna, his career, and dealing with his father.
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Is there still a musical career in the future for Jackson? (John Owen Lowe) – Garfield Grove/Profile of Lowe

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