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After a long wait of three years, the ultraman The anime returned for its second season on Netflix in 2022 and the wait won’t be that long for season 3. ultraman will return for a third and final season in May 2023. Here’s what we know so far.

ultraman is a Netflix Original anime series based on the manga of the same name by author Eiichi Shimizu and illustrator Tomohiro Shimoguchi. Without him ultraman franchise, other shows/franchises in the Tokusatsu genre, such as Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and VR Troopers, may not exist today.

Shortly after the release of the second season of ultramanNetflix confirmed that the anime has been renewed for a third and final season.

The renewal for a third and final season shouldn’t be surprising, considering how popular the anime series is.

Anime titles struggle to make it to many top ten lists around the world, but since the return of ultramanthe only two regions where the anime has been successful in the top ten have been Japan and Malaysia.

A teaser trailer for the final season of ultraman has been released.

When is ultraman Is season 3 coming to Netflix?

A tweet from one of Netflix’s official social channels has confirmed that Ultraman Season 3 is coming to Netflix on Thursday, May 11, 2023.

Two new characters will appear in season 3 of Ultraman

in a blog post of TSUBURAYA PRODUCTIONS, confirmed two new voice actors and characters for season 3.

  • MAO will be the voice of Valcure
  • koji ishii give voice to Mephisto

According to the blog post, these two characters «take on a vital role involving the «Ultra Factor». They work behind the scenes to hunt down Shinjiro and the SSSP.»

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