The company Claro Colombia announced its renewed Seguro Celular, a service that, in alliance with Liberty Seguros, seeks to enable customers to cover expenses for theft, repairs or common damages that generally occur on smartphone screens.

“We want our customers to be able to use their mobile phones with peace of mind, knowing that they are protected against unforeseen events, with support and with the possibility of replacing their cell phone or having a device in good condition”, no Rodrigo de Gusmao, director of the Mass Market Unit of Claro Colombia.

Seguro Celular is valid monthly and is paid on the Claro postpaid plan bill. The monthly premium ranges from $16,000 to $38,000, depending on the sale price of the mobile phone without applying subsidies, discounts, promotions or rebates.

The insurance covers 75% of the expenses in the event of physical damage, electrical or mechanical failure and, in the case of simple or qualified thefts, up to 60% of the value of the stolen equipment.

With Seguro Celular de Claro, customers also have the option of early renewal, that is, those who finance their mobile between 18 and 24 installments, and regardless of whether or not they have finished paying for it, after completing 12 uninterrupted months of insurance coverage, can request a new equipment by delivering the previous one in part payment and following conditions in which the equipment is subjected to technical tests to determine its status.

According to the director of Claro Colombia, “This benefit allows customers to renew the device early without having to complete the capital financing term of the phone purchased in installments. It is applicable to all mobile models of all brands. The user must only meet certain requirements, among them, comply with a minimum term of financing and contracting the insurance, in addition, that the equipment has proper functioning.

In the same way, If during the same year the client made a change of mobile phone due to a previous accident and wishes to do it again for a new one for a simple reason, he can also make the request to obtain it. You have to deliver the phone received after the accident and, complying with the established conditions such as being up to date with the equipment and insurance payments, it will be possible to have the latest in mobile telephony.