Contexthousing construction company, announced the reduction in the price of homes in their real estate projects in the department of antioch.

According to the company, this strategy aims to cope with inflation that the national economy currently has, as well as helping to boost the real estate market in the country at the interest rate currently in force in Colombia.

(Municipalities near Bogotá where buying housing is cheaper).

«To face the inflation registered in the last months and encourage the national real estate market in the midst of high interest rates, the Antioquia construction company, Contex, announced a price reduction for the homes belonging to its projects through the constitution of a benefit pool of $1,000 million, both in the VIS and Non-VIS segments» the company said in a statement.

In total, they will be seven the projects that will have discounts, which will be carried out through the benefit fund through which the construction company will assign support or economic complement equivalent to government subsidies oh Aid from entities such as compensation funds to turn your customers into owners.

(Vacation rental investment boom is coming).



The projects that will have discounts

– Nogales, municipality of Beautiful: up to $24 million (VIS)

– Aragua, municipality of Caldas: up to $24 million (VIS)

– Olivar, municipality of Black river: up to $20 million (Without VIS)

– Lórient, municipality of The eyebrow: up to $20 million (Without VIS)

– Oasis, municipality of Black river: up to $25 million (Without VIS)

– Sabatto, municipality of Sabaneta: up to $15 million (Without VIS)

– Vidanta, municipality of Beautiful: up to $20 million (VIS).

(Interest rates will continue to fall due to the market and competition).

«In this way, the families that receive the aid can stop paying their rents immediately to be able to own their own home. Likewise, these resources delivered by us may replace a possible subsidy to which it is impossible for them to access due to any disagreement or difficulty in meeting requirements.«, said Juan Felipe Osorio Cardona, general manager of Contex.

All the homes in these projects subject to discounts are finished and with a projected delivery date for the end of 2023.