• NASA and Axiom present the official suits that the crew members of the new Artemis lunar program will wear

At some point in the next five years, a woman will step on the Moon. she will be she the first time in the history of our species that a woman walked on the surface of a celestial body beyond her mother planet. And she will take it a shiny white suit, a characteristic ‘fishbowl’ helmet and a life support backpack. This will be the ‘outfit’ officers that the crew members of the Artemis program will carry, the space project that will take over from the historic Apollo project, which aspires to bring earthlings back to the Moon and, in addition, will lay the foundations so that one day our species can reach the red planet and beyond.

more than forty years ago that astronauts wear the same suits. The last time the design of the space ‘outfits’ was updated was in the eighties facing the takeoff of the famous space shuttle. Since then, the ‘look’ of the astronauts has probably been the same. The crew members of the International Space Station (ISS) wear the same suits as the space travelers of the eighties. Hence, with a view to taking off the new space exploration programs, the large agencies have proposed upgrade alien costumes.

The redesign of space suits It’s not just a matter of style. As explained this Wednesday from Axiom Space, the company in charge of designing NASA’s new space dresses, «suits are one of the keys to scouting programs«. First, because they must guarantee the security of astronauts in environments as hostile as space, the Moon and, who knows, if one day the red planet. Secondly, because clothing must also be what comfortable and agile enough to allow space travelers to carry out their mission. Without a good suit, impossible to explore space properly.

space ‘outfit’

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The space suits presented this Wednesday are, according to their designers, the most advanced model made to date of space clothing and the ‘outfit’ that future astronauts will wear on the Moon. Of course, with a small difference. The prototype presented this Wednesday (and the one that illustrates this news) looks in dark tones. myHe who will go to the Moon will be white, because that color is key to «reflects heat and protects astronauts of extremely high temperatures».

He official premiere of these costumes it will occur with the next launch of the Artemis program. This ambitious space program aspires to return humanity to the Moon after more than fifty years of absence. To achieve this, it has been deployed a plan in three parts: a first test launch to fine-tune the technology of the mission, a first manned flight to ensure the lunar journey and a third flight in which, this time, the expected landing of the crew will take place. The most optimistic calculate that this moment will arrive around the year 2025. In practice, the calendar remains to be seen.