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One of the first great Spanish-language Netflix originals released in 2023 is back for more. the snow girl (known as the snow girl in Spanish regions) will return for a full second season on Netflix.

Adapted from the novel by Javier Castillo, the series premiered on Netflix worldwide on January 27, 2023, with the writing of Jesús Mesas and Javier Andrés Roig and the direction of David Ulloa and Laura Alvea.

Over the course of six episodes, you’ll get to see what happened when a girl went missing during a parade in Malaga and the newspaper reporter who stopped at nothing to find her.

After joining Netflix, it managed to appear for three weeks on Netflix’s global list of non-English language TV, with 101.68 million hours watched worldwide.

FlixPatrol suggests the show performed well around the world, with its best natural performance in Spanish-speaking regions. In Spain, the program appeared in the top 10 for 31 days, which, as we have discussed above, seems to be a must (reaching more than 30 days in the top 10) when getting renewals on the service.

The show appeared in the top 10 for about two weeks in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The showrunners were surprised by the success of the show globally saying The world (translated to English):

“We expected it to be successful in Spain, Italy or in any Latin American country, but not that it would become a worldwide phenomenon. It’s something that happens to a screenwriter once in a lifetime or it never happens.»

The announcement of the second season came from Javier Castillo, author of the novel on which the series is based.

Translated into English via Twitter, this is how the news of the second season were announced:

“I have spent a few weeks with an incredible desire to be able to tell you this, celebrating in secret until everything was official, and I can finally announce out loud that I will be working with @NetflixES to adapt two more stories and take them by the hand to the entire planet . 🎉

And to start with a bang, because I know that without you it would not have been possible, I am especially excited to announce that The Game of the Soul (the sequel to The Snow Girl) is in development to become a series, to take a look. farther than you already have. So yes, the second season of #LaChicadeNieve IS CONFIRMED!

But this does not end here, but… El Cuco de Cristal will also be brought to the screen by Netflix!”.

Soon we will include the snow girl on our list of renewed Netflix shows, now over 70 titles in total, that will return for future episodes.

Other Spanish-language shows that will return for future seasons include Elite, Valeria, Holy Family, alpha malesand durable eva.

Are you going to watch season 2 of the snow girl when is it coming to netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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