In the first quarter of 2023, the entities that finance housing in the country presented a balance of total capital of the mortgage portfolio equivalent to $119.1 trillion which represented an increase of 5.8% compared to the fourth of 2022 and an increase of 15.8% compared to the same period of the previous year, according to figures from the Danish.

(Minvivienda announced strong sanitation investment in Casanare).

The balance of the mortgage portfolio for the first quarter consisted of the 76.4% of the housing loan portfolio and 23.6% of the housing leasing balance. In addition, during this period the entities that finance housing filed a new home equity balance of $66 billionthe balance of used housing $52.8 trillion and an amount of unclassified balance of $230,000 million, presenting quarterly variations of 1.7%, 11.4% and -11.2% respectively.

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The total capital balance corresponding to the financing of housing type VIS was $33.4 trillion and decreased a quarterly increase of 2.4% and 15.7% annually.

(Recruitment, the great doubt of the Change My House plan).

In the case of the total principal balance for No VIS housing, in the first quarter of 2023 it was $57.6 billion and presented a quarterly variation of 1.1% compared to the quarter of 2022 and an annual variation of 15.8%.

(They launch a line of housing credits with rates from 0.89% NMV).