Pedro Gómez Barrero, known as the ‘father’ of the Unicentro shopping center in Bogotá and the mastermind behind 23 other shopping centers in Colombia, countless urbanizations, like Metropolis, Calatrava, Sindamanoy and La Felicidad, in the capital of the country they will spend this Friday afternoon at their 94 years.

Gómez, who also implemented the concept of educational theme parks in the country such as Divercity in 2006 and which spread to Peru, began as a independent builder.

In 1968, he carried out projects in the south of Bogotá and for the middle and popular classes, and later he did focus on those of medium and high levels, which would largely give him his great prestige as a builder.

He was born in 1929, in the municipality of Cucunubá (Cundinamarca). He studied Law and graduated as a lawyer from the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario.

He was a municipal and circuit civil judge in Bogotá and Facatativá, director of the Department of Valuation of Bogotá and founder and manager of his own company Pedro Gómez y Compañía.

From its famous construction company, Pedro Gómez y Cía., he was the manager until 2009, although he remained linked as a member of the board of directors and partner.

Last year the same firm, after completing the reorganization process, the Superintendence of Companies advanced in the judicial liquidation process.

That was not the only crisis he faced, at the end of the nineties, the real estate debacle affected many businessmen in the sector, and he was no exception. From 180 employees, the company grew to 7 and in the same way had to destroy his private plane, his hotel business and priceless works of art, to name just a few.

In his last time he devoted himself to Fundación Compartir, which he created in the late 1970s to help low-income people with housing, education and preparation for a life as micro and small entrepreneurs.

In 2013, Gómez Barrero was recognized with the Portafolio Vida y Obra Empresarial award.

He held a position on the Board of Directors of the Universidad de los Andes and another at the Ser Research Institute, as well he was ambassador of Colombia, between 1987 and 1989, during the government of Virgilio Barco, in Venezuela.

Regarding the latter, his work stands out in the so-called Caracas Agreement, which was very important for the future of the Permanent Conciliation Commission, decisive when Colombia and the government of the then president of Venezuela, Jaime Lusinchi, were on the brink of an armed conflict. due to the presence of the ARC corvette Caldas in waters that were under discussion.

Inauguration of Unicentro: Virgilio Barco Vargas, Pedro Gómez Barrero, Alfonso Palacio Rudas and Hernando Casas, among others, in 1976.


Courtesy Villegas Editors

Don Pedro is survived by Pedro, Luisa and María Fernanda, from his first marriage to María Teresa, and María, daughter of Piedad Gómez, also an architect.

The legacy he left for the family and the one he inherits for the sector has been such that he was recognized during his lifetime for his experience and vision for the future of Colombia.

Also for the leadership, the optimistic and entrepreneurial vision, the quality of its real estate projects and development.

Various businessmen and colleagues expressed their condolences to the family and even the Colombian Chamber of Construction, Camacol, said that Gómez Barrero was an example of the construction sector in Colombia.

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