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The brilliant Italian period drama series, The law according to Lidia Poëtis targeting a second season on Netflix following its release in early 2023.

Premiering on Netflix globally on February 15, 2023, the new Italian series came from creators Guido Iuculano and Davide Orsini. They told the story of a woman at the end of the 19th century who was waging a legal battle that allowed her to practice as a lawyer, becoming the first female lawyer in Italy.

The six-episode first season received positive reviews from various outlets around the world. Decider gave the series a «STREAM IT» qualification concluding, “The law according to Lidia Poët It’s not meant to be some kind of heavy show. It’s pretty much a classic mystery, set in the late 1800s to satisfy fans of sexy costume dramas. But he’s buoyed by the radiant presence of De Angelis as Lidia.»

Thanks to a few casting calls put out over the past week or two, we now have confirmation that the show is returning for a second outing on Netflix.

Production on the second season is scheduled to begin on June 12 and run until October 2023, meaning a 2024 release window is likely to return. Filming will once again take place in Turin and its province in Italy. .

Netflix declined to comment.

How well did The Law According to Lidia Poët perform on Netflix?

The show appeared in Netflix’s global top 10 Non-English Language TV chart for a total of three weeks, amassing 59.92 million hours worldwide. Here’s how it breaks down week by week:

week period Hours seen (M) Range Week in the Top 10
February 12, 2023 to February 19, 2023 28,250,000 3 1
February 19, 2023 to February 26, 2023 22,500,000 (-20%) 5 2
February 26, 2023 to March 5, 2023 8,540,000 (-62%) 10 3

The show appeared in the top 10 TV in most regions of the world. according to FlixPatroland the show performed noticeably better in its home country of Italy, charting in the top 10 for a total of 29 days.

The law according to Lidia Poët now joins Netflix’s other renewed Italian ongoing series, such as di4rieswhich returns for a two-part second season later this year and in 2024. Everything Asks for Salvation, Skam Italy, and I hate Christmas They also return for new seasons.

Upcoming new series releases from the region include The leopard, Justice, supersex, bergantiand lottery gang.

Are you waiting for another batch of episodes to The law according to Lidia Poët coming soon on netflix? Let us know in the comments below.