It’s a big week for new TV shows on Netflix this week, especially with the TV debut of legendary Austrian actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

N = Netflix Original

Here are the best new TV shows on Netflix this week:

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FUBAR (Season 1) north

Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 8
Gender: Action, Drama, Comedy | Execution time: 55 minutes
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Monica Barbaro, Milan Carter, Gabriel Luna, Jay Baruchel

After a career spanning five decades, legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has finally made his television debut, and it’s a Netflix exclusive!

When a father and daughter discover that they are both secretly working for the CIA, an already risky covert mission turns into a dysfunctional family affair.

Turn of the Tide (Season 1) north

Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 7
Gender: Theater | Execution time: 47 minutes
Cast: José Condessa, Helena Caldeira, André Leitão, Rodrigo Tomás, Maria João Bastos

Considering that Turn of the Tide broke into the most anticipated list and stayed there for a couple of weeks, Augusto Fraga’s Portuguese drama could be the sleeper hit on Netflix this weekend.

When a ship laden with cocaine sinks off his home island, Eduardo sees a risky but exciting opportunity to earn money and fulfill impossible dreams.

All American (Season 5)

Seasons: 5 | Episodes: 91
Gender: Drama, Sport | Execution time: 45 minutes
Cast: Daniel Ezra, Samantha Logan, Michael Evans Behling, Greta Onieogou, Bre-Z

Easily the best football drama on TV since The lights of Friday nightBy The CW’s standards, all american it is also one of the best shows currently streaming on the network.

Culture clashes and growing rivalries put a teenage soccer player from South Los Angeles to the test when he is recruited to the Beverly Hills high school team.

Batman (5 seasons)

Seasons: 5 | Episodes: Sixty-five
Gender: Animated, Action, Adventure | Execution time: 21 minutes
Cast: Rino Romano, Alastair Duncan, Mitch Pileggi, Ming-Na Wen, Evan Sabara

in the 1990s Batman: The Animated Series set the standard for what a superhero series should be, and the 2000s had the batmana worthy successor to Kevin Conroy’s caped crusader and criminally underrated.

A tech billionaire by day and masked vigilante by night, Batman takes on notorious villains across Gotham City in this action-packed animated series.

BBQ Showdown (Season 2) north

Seasons: 2 | Episodes: sixteen
Gender: Kitchen, Reality | Execution time: 44 minutes

Vegans turn around, it’s time for eight of America’s best backyard smokers and pitmasters to go up against each other for the title of American Barbecue Champion.

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