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As of 2023, Netflix has so far released approximately twenty games through the Netflix app on iOS and Android mobile phones. Below, we’ll take a look at the top five games Netflix has added to its service this year.

As always, you can find a full list of Netflix games via our complete list here and we’re also tracking all upcoming titles separately here.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Based on Netflix intellectual property: No
Developer: Nickelodeon, Playdigious, Tribute Games and Dotemu
Released on Netflix: January 2023

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tmnt shredders revenge netflix games

Let’s start with possibly the biggest Netflix game released in 2023 so far, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge. Being announced for Netflix in December 2022, TMNT: The Shredder’s Revenge is a return to the form of the classic IP, which in the realm of video games burst onto arcade machines in the 1980s. This game is a beat-em-up, and the conversion of a console/PC game to a mobile game is amazing because of how well this game works on smartphones.

Netflix got this game as one of the first additions to the Netflix game library in January 2023. TMNT: The Shredder’s Revenge is a fun beat-em-up game and works exceptionally well with touch controls, this game is probably one of the best games among the Netflix Games 60+ titles.

Brave Hearts Coming Home

Based on Netflix intellectual property: No
Developer: Ubisoft
Released on Netflix: January 2023

brave hearts coming home netflix games

Image: Ubisoft Games

A direct sequel to the original «Valiant Hearts The Great War» and created by the original Ubisoft team, «Valiant Hearts Coming Home» is a World War I set in 1917. In the game, the story centers on two brothers who are “trying to to survive in the trenches with braver hearts to find our way home.”

Unlike most war games, Brave Hearts Coming Home It is based on puzzles and not fights and expands on the concepts introduced in the first game, which remains a critically acclaimed masterpiece.

Brave Hearts Coming Home is another game released in January 2023, but it’s also the first of three games coming to Netflix from Ubisoft.

Laya’s horizon

Based on Netflix IP: No
Developer: Snowman
Released on Netflix: May 2023

spade horizon netflix game

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Now this is a game probably overlooked by a lot of Netflix subscribers, but don’t sleep on this Netflix game.

Laya’s horizon It’s a Snowman game, the team behind Alto’s Odyssey and the excellent netflix game lucky moon. In this game, you take part in missions as the character «Laya» and fly using a unique set of touch controls to control your character as you launch yourself from buildings, soar through the sky, and fly through rings.

Laya’s horizon hit Netflix on May 2nd and has quickly become a fan favorite within the Discord server and the Netflix Gamers Fan Subreddit.

Shovel Knight’s Pocket Dungeon

Based on Netflix IP: No
Developer: Yacht Club Games
Released on Netflix: June 2023

shovel knight netflix games

Image: Yacht Club Games

Now this is the newest addition to the list, and it’s by far one of the most fun puzzle games on Netflix. This game started life on the Nintendo Switch and is now available on mobile via Netflix Games. This game is a derivative of the popular shovel knight independent feeling

Shovel Knight’s Pocket Dungeon is one of the most interesting puzzle games from Netflix Games with excellent retro graphics. While there are some annoying bugs and quirks, the game is a perfect game for coffee.

ground zero

Based on Netflix IP: No
Developer: Demagog Studio / Rogue Co.
Released on Netflix: March 2023

ground zero netflix

Now this might be seen as a strange addition compared to several of the other games released on Netflix Games so far this year, but hear me out.

ground zero is described as a «reverse city builder» where instead of building a city like you would in a game like city ​​skylinesyou actually reclaim the wasteland and try to return the ruined environment to its former glory.

ground zero It came as a pleasant surprise when it was added in March and was one of the first day and date releases on Netflix Games and was available for free even though the game was around thirty dollars on platforms like Steam.

What has been your favorite new Netflix game added so far in 2023?