A Texas man who met a woman on the dating app Bumble kidnapped, beat and tortured her for five days after she denied his sexual advances, authorities said.

Zachary Kent Mills, 21, of Spring, was arrested and charged with felony aggravated kidnapping after his date Bumble escaped from her apartment Thursday, where she endured days of Mills beating her, hitting her with a screwdriver and starved her to death, according to court records filed in district court in Harris County.

Records show he was released on $50,000 bail Monday after being booked into jail days earlier. Court records also show that prosecutors requested $100,000 bail, while his defense requested $20,000 bail.

Mills abducted the woman, only identified as JW, on December 24 after picking her up and taking her to her apartment. The two had begun a romantic relationship after meeting on the dating app, according to a probable cause statement. At Mills’ apartment, he immediately attempted to have sex with the woman that he denied his advances to, according to court records.

“He immediately began physically assaulting her and would not let her leave the residence,” the probable cause statement said. The woman told authorities that when Mills got tired of hitting her with a «clenched fist,» she would «take a screwdriver and hit her with the handle.»

During her five days in captivity, Mills did not provide her with food or water, according to the probable cause statement.

He was able to escape from the apartment when Mills left it to visit his father. When the woman was interviewed by authorities, her injuries included: «Severe bruising to both eyes, bite marks and cuts to both her throat and nose, and severe bruising» over most of her body, according to the statement from probable cause.

Other court records related to the case show Mills was arrested Friday and jailed Saturday.

Mills’ attorney, Chris Denuna, said Wednesday that his client has no criminal record and is not considered a flight risk.

Denuna said the allegations against her client are «egregious» but the judicial system has to work. Denuna said he is waiting for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to turn over potential evidence.

The court imposed stipulations on Mills that included a GPS monitor, 24-hour house arrest and a restraining order from the alleged victim, according to records and Denuna.

“We plead not guilty,” Denuna said. “It is important that the process … be carried out before we find these accusations credible or not. That is the goal of due process and the presumption of innocence.”

A spokesman for the district attorney’s office declined to comment Wednesday, but confirmed that the office requested $100,000 bail.

A representative for Bumble could not immediately be reached for comment.

However, a statement from Bumble to KPRC of Houston, NBC affiliate He said: “We are shocked and saddened to learn of this horrible crime. We blocked this member as soon as we found out about this situation and in accordance with our Community Guidelines. We also have a dedicated law enforcement team available to respond to any law enforcement requests as needed.»

Donna Mendell contributed.