According to a recent study made by technologists and scientists subject matter experts, teleport it would be possible in a future reality but not so distant. Some define it as the «energy and matter transfer from one place to another without having to physically cross the space between those two points». So, something that at the moment is only within the reach of fictional films could be available to the general population.

From the world Government Summit, that organizes every year in dubai a meeting of world and business leaders to catch a glimpse of these trends, have begun to imagine What will the world be like in five decades?. As? have thoroughly studied 150 technologies and they have dared to calculate the exact year in which they are available.

space elevator

He 2070 is the year on which these scientists have based themselves to make their predictions. They tell us, for example, that it will be possible to build a space elevatorable to climb up 36 kilometers beyond the earth’s surface… .


According to his calculations, teleport it would be to put an end to climate change or traffic accidents. They say that teleportation would not only be very useful for peoplealso to carry cargo. in the year 2070it would suffice with scan to matter what we want send miles kilometers with «advanced quantum physics».

brain chips

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What for now has only been seen in series like ‘black mirror’According to this report, in 2068some experts calculate that we will already be able to enjoy the call ‘Digital storage of human memory’. would be, specifically, implant a processor in the brain que would record each of our thoughts through artificial intelligence assistants…. The defenders of this advance point out as a benefit the possibility of Help people with intellectual disabilities.

We wouldn’t even have to wait until 2070 for the so-called networked brain communication. in the year 2063this would be available intelligence that would allow connect multiple people with machines. The experts who have made these predictions point out that this human brain communication with a machine would help to whom they suffered strokes to regain lost language skills or damaged.