The Institut Català d’Investigació Química (ICIQ) has inaugurated this morning in tarragona he primer electron diffractometer from europe, equipment that is used for Study structures of compounds at the atomic level.

The director of ICIQ, Emilio Palomares, has explained that the diffractometer «will be a attractive to researchers come from outside and allow deepen the understanding of the materials.

He new equipment, who uses a electron beam, allows to study crystals a million times smaller what was possible up to now.

The institute’s experts have pointed out that this technology will allow investigate the molecular structure of drugs which until now have not been studied. And this will favor the development of new formulations and greater efficiency of pharmacological treatments».

So far this type of analysis has been met with X-rays in large laboratories and facilities but, starting today, researchers will have access this new technology.

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«We are delighted to make this tool available to researchers, which reaffirms our commitment to science Palomares has finished.

diffractometer, xtalab synergy-ed, It has had a cost of 1,800,000 euros and has been financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Next Generation funds.