The surrogacy procedure represents one of several available choices for conceiving a child. This option is frequently quicker and more efficient than adoption since it doesn’t entail the same level of bureaucracy and time-consuming steps.

Individuals who have faced disappointment in their wish to become parents may discover a solution to their challenges through this option. At Family Aims, we hold the belief in forming a family well before the baby’s arrival. Our aim is for you to enjoy the happiness of conception and experience even greater joy when the baby is born. Family Aims strives to offer the chance of having a child within the comfort of your home to every family unable to independently pursue this dream.

Babynova, formerly known as Novafem, is Colombia’s most experienced genetic and fertility center in providing this service, accompanying the dreams of thousands of families.

What is it about?

This novel assisted reproduction technique is a beautiful process, where a person with gestational capacity, in a voluntary act of kindness, allows another person who unfortunately has lost this ability or has never had it, to have a child through her uterus.

The gestational carrier, commonly called a «surrogate mother», carries out the pregnancy and gives birth to the baby of that person or couple, who has waited so long for it.

It should be noted that, although it is a surrogate motherhood (or wrongly known as «womb for rent»), both the eggs and the sperm can come, and generally do, from the future parents, but also from donors if required.

How is the gestational carrier selected?

Only a limited number of fertility centers provide such alternatives, and Babynova is among these select few. They adhere to rigorous safety standards and employ protocols established by the foremost experts in the field. This ensures that the chosen individual involved in the process undergoes thorough medical assessments and possesses the essential conditions for a secure and healthy pregnancy.

The selected individual must be free from any pathologies or diseases that could be transmitted during conception or childbirth. This precaution is taken to safeguard the health and well-being of the future baby.

Babynova has devised a comprehensive 360° plan that encompasses several of the aspects mentioned earlier. Their aim is to make the surrogacy process as comfortable and reassuring as possible. This plan covers various aspects, including comfort, supervision, legal guidance, and pregnancy monitoring by medical professionals, including a physician, gynecologist, and perinatologist.

If I use surrogacy, can they take away the custody of my child?

This aspect is very important and worries many people and couples interested in this procedure. In Colombia the laws protect the intentional mothers and fathers of the child, which means that the right of those who resorted to assisted reproduction is privileged over the one who gives birth.

In contrast to many other countries, the regulations in Colombia permit the use of this technique to benefit all parties involved. The individual who serves as the surrogate also receives financial compensation for the assistance provided and the commitment required.

At Babynova, the surrogate undergoes a thorough selection process not only based on her physical conditions but also on her comprehension of the implications of the process. This careful assessment ensures that there will be no post-delivery conflicts or uncertainties regarding maternity or paternity responsibilities.

Why choose Babynova?

The specialists at the former Novafem center, now operating as Babynova, are highly skilled in managing a diverse range of cases and approach the fertilization process with a focus on the real-life situations of the individuals involved. Their goal is not to raise false hopes; instead, they are committed to delivering accurate diagnoses that allow them to determine the most appropriate procedures, ultimately ensuring the success and happiness of aspiring families.

Their clinic also extends support to couples from various parts of the world, thanks to partnerships with international agencies. This offers a significant advantage for individuals residing in countries with limited legal regulations concerning surrogacy.

Babynova is a specialized center in the field of fertility and genetics, and their unwavering commitment is to address the challenges faced by their patients by providing innovative solutions adhering to rigorous medical and scientific standards. Their core values prioritize ethics and the well-being of their patients above all else.