For some time now, the artificial intelligence (AI) has been gaining more and more ground in our daily lives. tools like ChatGPT, who can answer our questions and help us with our writing assignments, are transforming the way we communicate. Despite the benefits it brings, AI also poses a threatat least according to the deceased Stephen Hawking.

At the time, the physicist had already predicted the possible effects of AI, which today are becoming a reality with the popularity of the generators of texts, images and videos based on learned parameters. in his book «Short answers to the big questions»published after his death in 2018, Hawking reflected on AI and its possible implications.

He went on to say that the AI could end up with the human race, which has generated a lot of controversy today. According to Hawking, we will face a «intelligence explosion» that would leave us far behind machines, in terms of cognitive ability.


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It is tempting to see highly intelligent machines as a thing of nature. Science fiction, but this would be a serious mistake, Hawking explained. The author of ‘Brief history of time’ warned about the danger of not taking the revolution that AI is bringing seriously.

In fact, the irruption of this technology is already having a significant impact on various work area for working in large corporations such as IBM, who has recently suggested that the automation of administrative tasks It could mean drastically reducing your staff. Artificial intelligence and automation have enormous potential to execute these types of tasks, which could have a Significant impact on the labor market.