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Netflix gets its first Sonic game as part of its growing list of mobile games available as part of your Netflix subscription on Google Play and iOS.

News of the game’s jump to Netflix Games was part of a recent “sonic center” aired on June 23. Sonic Central are regularly updated videos that provide the latest news about Sonic across the spectrum of media featuring the SEGA character, be it games, movies, or television.

News of Sonic Prime Dash’s arrival on Netflix came around 6:05 in the stream:

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According to the video, they stated:

Besides [to Sonic Prime season 2]Sonic Dash, the original endless running game for mobile devices, makes its official Netflix debut as Sonic Prime Dash and will launch alongside the new season of Sonic Prime.”

The gameplay resembles the original Sonic Dash game, which has over 100 million downloads on Google Play at the time of publication. Sonic Dash was first released on mobile back in 2013 and has since seen the release of the equally popular second entry in 2015.

The gameplay shown in the short trailer gives us an idea of ​​what new content is coming to the game as part of its jump to Netflix, including playable characters from the Sonic Prime show including Tails Nine and Rebel Denizen.

Naturally, given the jump to Netflix games, it will be tweaked to remove all ads and the microtransactions in the original will also be gone.

sonic prime dash netflix games 2

Image: SEGA/Sonic Central

sonic prime dash netflix games tails

Image: SEGA/Sonic Central

sonic prime dash netflix games amy rose

Image: SEGA/Sonic Central

sonic prime dash netflix games with sonic

Image: SEGA/Sonic Central

As mentioned, the game will be released on Netflix on July 13, the same day as the highly anticipated second season of first sonic falls on Netflix globally.

For more on what’s coming soon to Netflix Games, stay tuned for our look at what’s coming next for the platform. The other big Netflix Games release in July 2023 is Oxenfree II: lost signals, scheduled for July 12.

Kudos to NinjaGuyX and Jon Scarr for watching the news.

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