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After a titan-sized adventure in skull island, fans have been left wanting more from one of the greatest titans on the planet, Kong. With loose threads still to be resolved, we hope that Netflix renews skull island for a second season soon. For now, we’ll keep track of everything you need to know about skull island Season 2 on Netflix.

skull island is an animated adventure series and sequel to the 2017 film Kong: Skull Island, but a prequel to Godzilla vs. Kong. The series is produced by Legendary Television, with Brad Graeber, Jen Chambers, Brian Duffield, Jacob Robinson and Thomas Tull serving as executive producers. Brian Duffield is also the writer for the series.

Powerhouse Animation, the company behind Netflix shows like blood of zeus, castlevaniaand Masters of the Universe: Revelationhe is also behind the animation of Skull Island.

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The adventures of the castaways trying to escape the mysterious island, home to prehistoric monsters, including the titan Mr. Kong.

skull island Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status:

Official Netflix Status: Pending (Last Update: 06/23/2023)

At the time of writing, Netflix has not renewed skull island for a second season. This is not surprising considering that the animated series has just arrived on Netflix.

Over the course of the next few weeks, Netflix will monitor the performance of skull island. Through the daily top ten rankings, weekly display dataand more, Netflix will be able to determine if skull island it’s popular enough for a second season.

The first batch of weekly data we can see for skull island will be published on Tuesday, June 27, 2023.

Does Skull Island need a second season?

There are some loose story threads that need to be told in a second season of skull island.

Charlie was captured by a masked girl who ominously warned him that he would pay for what he did to Kong. Most likely, the masked girl belongs to the tribe of Kong worshipers seen in Kong: Skull Island, the Iwi tribe. If she befriends the tribe, she may win their forgiveness, but more importantly, Kong.

skull island season 2 netflix renewal status iwi tribe

Image: Skull Island – Legendary Pictures / Warner Television

The dog is still missing and is nowhere to be seen. As for Mike, it’s still unclear if he was able to escape the island as well. Considering his injuries, it’s important that the Iwi tribe find him or he gets to a hospital on the mainland.

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Image: Skull Island – Legendary Pictures / Warner Television

Annie woke up after two weeks to find she’s back on the mainland, but with Dog missing, she’ll probably want to head back to Skull Island to find him and the rest of her friends. At least with the death of the Squid Titan, that task will be much easier than before.

There is always a constant battle at the top of the Skull Island hierarchy. A new season would likely introduce a new titan, ready to battle the King of all apes.

skull island season 2 netflix renewal status kong water

Image: Skull Island – Legendary Pictures / Warner Television

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