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Netflix comedy-drama series Attractive debuted on Netflix at the end of June, but will it have a second season? It has yet to be officially renewed for a season 2 on the streamer, but what do the numbers say? Let’s dig in.

Created by Jordon Nardino, the series was directed by Miss Benny and Kim Cattrall, with the story revolving around Marco Mejia, “a gender non-conforming queer youth whose life seems to be at a standstill until he lands a job working for a legendary makeup mogul.

All ten episodes of the show arrived on Netflix on June 22.

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Reviews were mixed on the show. He currently holds a 53% on Rotten Tomatoesand the audiences were equally mixed with him with a 5.8 on IMDb.

has renewed netflix Attractive for a season 2?

Official renewal status: not yet renewed
Our renewal prediction: Probable cancellation

We have yet to know whether or not Attractive will return for a second season on Netflix.

As we’ll see in a second, its viewership numbers have been far from spectacular, and since week 1, we’ve seen it underperform other shows that were ultimately cancelled.

Here you can read more about how Netflix decides whether to renew or cancel a series.

Of course, a good way the show could be renewed is if it outperforms in other avenues, either on the awards circuit (they’re not actively promoting it on your FYC site) or achieve certain internal goals that we do not have visibility on.

Another factor at play is the WGA strike, which currently has no end in sight. Some of Netflix’s shows so far this year have received early renewals to counteract this. That might have been the case here, but we haven’t heard anything to suggest that yet.

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that’s good Attractive Act on Netflix?

Using several different sources, we can see how well the show is performing and compare it to similar shows, which should give us an idea of ​​whether it’s going to be renewed or cancelled.

let’s start with Netflix’s own data.

Every Tuesday, Netflix releases 40 data points per hour, including, in this case, English-language TV series. So far, Glamorous has appeared in the top 10 in both available weeks, with 43.10 million hours watched between June 18 and July 2, 2023. Full Viewing Equivalent (CVE) is 6.6 million of views.

This is how it breaks down:

week period Hours seen (M) Range Week in the Top 10
June 18, 2023 to June 25, 2023 17,000,000 8 1
June 25, 2023 to July 2, 2023 26,100,000 (+54%) 4 2

In the first week alone, the show’s viewing statistics instantly put it in the danger zone, barely getting more CVEs in the first four days than freeridge and The Imperfects. In our top 10 report for that week, Frederic Durand, our resident numbers expert, called the series a flop.

glamorous cve audience netflix top 10s

A program you can compare Attractive it’s 2022 Partner Tracking which has so far surpassed Attractive and it was finally cancelled. We have also included the diplomat (renewed for a season 2) in the chart below to show what a renewed drama looks like in its first few weeks:

glamorous vs couple track vs netflix diplomatic audience

One silver lining is that the show continues to appear in the top 10 daily in many countries, even (at press time) still appearing in the US Netflix top 10 daily. This longevity may suggest that people are working slowly. in the show.

FlixPatrol data suggests that the strongest regions for the program include South Africa, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe and the Nordic countries.

glamorous popularity map by flixpatrol

Image: Flix Patrol

What about external factors, such as how well the show is mentioned on social media like Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, or other sources? Unfortunately, it’s a similar story. suggests it’s been one of the weakest English-language debuts of the year so far, trailing any show that managed to land a season 2 order, be it XO, kitty, FUBAReither the diplomat.

televisionstats data for glamorous netflix series data for Glamorous

Did Attractive set up a season 2 on Netflix?

For the most part, Attractive it finally ends up in a pretty good place. However, some questions remain, such as who is Chad’s mysterious father who entered the offices at the end of season 1. Questions also remain about what happens to the relationship between Madolyn and Teddy.

Now it’s your turn. You would like to see Attractive return for a second season? Let us know in the comments below.