This, like every Friday, millionaire prizes from the Santander, Risaralda and Medellín Lotteries are raffled. If you bet on any of these games, we recommend knowing the winning numbers for the night.

We remind you that to claim your prize you must go to the offices of the lottery with which you have won and present the Single Tax Registry (RUT) certificate, a copy of the citizenship card extended to 150 percent and the winning ticket in perfect condition. conditions

medellin lottery

The highest prize for 10,000 million pesos offered by the Medellín lottery goes to whoever has hit the number 5987 of the 104 series.

(In addition: It is easier to win the chance than the lottery, according to the seller).

This Lottery also offers a prize plan that reaches $26,642 million, among which is the ‘super dry’ of $1,000 million.

risaralda lottery

Who has hit the number 0139 of the series 127 wins the highest prize for 1,400 million pesos awarded by this Lottery.

If you are going to claim your prize, you must go to the Risaralda Lottery office, located at Calle 19 # 7-53 de Pereira, with the documents already included.

(Also: Followers of Diomedes Díaz give thanks with candles on his grave for winning the chance).

santander lottery

Tonight’s winning number is 3439 from the 311 series. The Santander lottery delivers 7,200 million pesos as a jackpot.

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If you won this or another of the prizes of this lottery, you can claim it at the office in Bucaramanga, located at calle 36 number 21-16. However, if it is an amount less than 10 million pesos, you can do it at any of the agencies nationwide.


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