In Colombia, the rental fee is readjusted each year, taking into account the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the previous year, that is, this 2023 the rents rise up to 13.12%which was the figure with which inflation closed in the country in 2022.

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Those most affected by the increase in the value of leases, the highest in 23 years, are the families of strata 1-2 and 3, since they are the ones that live in rented properties the most.

In addition to the high increase that stands out this year in the rent, the public also tends to have problems when it comes to managing a repair for a property damage or problem.

Who answers? The tenant or the landlord?

According to Martín Monzón, CEO of the Finca Raíz portal, in the vast majority of cases it is the owner who must respond for the damages. “The exceptions are when the damage is caused by the people who are renting and is a repair that is outside of normal wear and tear.«, Explain.

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What to do in case of damage?

According to the expert, in case of having signed the contract with a real estate agency, it becomes the request for the entity to evaluate the problem, quote the fix and see who can solve it.

In case of having insurance, the owner can have an insurance that can reach some of these repairs depending on the policy”, points out Monzón.

Finally, for those who signed the contract directly with the lessee, You have to handle it the same way. Therefore, to avoid problems, Monzón suggests that these types of liability agreements be communicated before signing the lease.

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