This Tuesday, July 12, the universities of Rosario and EIA, with the support of EL TIEMPO, El Colombiano, Andi, Acopi and the Private Competitiveness Council, the forum «Reindustrialization Policy: Change of course or long-term strategy?» will be held, a space that seeks reflection on the government’s reindustrialization and foreign trade policies.

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The event, which will take place in the GSB auditorium of the Universidad del Rosario on transversal 23 with Calle 93, between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m., It will have the presence of Germán Umaña, Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and Ricardo Bonilla, Minister of Finance and Public Credit, as main speakers.

In addition, it will be divided into two panels. The first, with the participation of Minister Bonilla, Alejandro Cheyne, rector of the Universidad del Rosario; Daniel Gómez, technical vice president of the Private Competitiveness Council; Astrid Martínez, deputy director of Fedesarrollo, and Andrés Mompotes, director of EL TIEMPO, as moderator

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Participating in the second panel will be Soraya Caro, Vice Minister of Business Development, Rosmery Quintero, President of Acopi; Imelda Restrepo, Andi’s vice president of competitiveness and development; José Manuel Restrepo, Rector of the EIA University, and Luz María Sierra, director of El Colombiano.

For Bruce Mac Master, president of Andi, “the reindustrialization policy includes a permanent demand from our businessmen to have clear signals from the State in terms of direct support for productive activities and services. Consequently, the forum will be an opportunity to point out the complementary actions that must be adopted within the framework of this policy. to facilitate the competitive performance of the national business fabric”.

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For his part, Alejandro Cheyne, rector of the Universidad del Rosario, indicated that “It is important to highlight the interest of the national government in addressing this joint reflection with the private sector and academia around the main strategies and programs of sustainable productive development of the country. These dialogues are necessary because they start from the recognition of businessmen as key actors for the generation of wealth and well-being for the Colombian population”.

Finally, José Manuel Restrepo, rector of the EIA University, took advantage of the fact that this forum is here today precisely to address two policies that are part of the country’s convergent agenda. “The reindustrialization and foreign trade policies of the current government attract positive attention because, to a large extent, they build on what has been built, without losing sight of the imprint of this government of change in many of its programs”, said the academic.

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