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Netflix has unveiled a first look trailer and the first details of Remember (also know as Karada Sagashi or カラダ探し), a new teen horror film premiering on Netflix globally on February 14, 2023.

The movie is an adaptation of the manga. karadasagashi, published between September 26, 2014 and December 8, 2017, in 17 volumes and 153 chapters. The manga was written by Welzard with Katsutoshi Murase providing the art.

Remember It’s already technically released with a theatrical release date in Japan in October 2022.

According to Netflix, here’s the official synopsis for the new movie:

Asuka, Takahiro, and four other high school students must spend the night finding the scattered remains of a body hidden inside their school, or risk being killed over and over again by the «Red Person» and repeat the same day forever. Can they get out of the killer loop and see tomorrow? A deadly exhilarating climax awaits you in this thrilling, looping horror experience.»

The horror is directed by Eiichirô Hasumi, best known for Ansatsu kyōshitsu (2015), Mozu (2014), and Assassination Classroom: Graduation (2016).

Who is in the cast for Remember on netflix?

ReMember cast Netflxi

  • Kanna Hashimoto as Asuka Morisaki
  • gordon maeda as Takahiro Ise
  • maika yamamoto as Rumiko Hiiragi
  • fujukamio as Atsushi Kiyomiya
  • Kotarō Daigo as Shota Uranishi
  • Mayuu Yokota as Rie Naruto
  • Shuntaro Yanagi
  • Naomi Nishida
  • Tasuku Emoto

In short, the movie is 1 hour 42 minutes long and has a rating of 15 in most regions (TV-MA in the United States) with guidance on detail and threat of injury.

It is unclear if there will be an English dub for the title, but there will be the original Japanese audio plus English subtitles.

remember members first look photo

Image: Warner Bros. Japan

You can find even more about the upcoming Japanese film via the film’s official site at Warner Bros website.

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