In the midst of the uncertainty that has characterized the markets in the world this 2023, the pension resources of more than 18.7 million members of private funds achieved in the first quarter of the year yields of the order of 18.25 trillion pesos, a figure that stands as the highest for a first quarter in the last decade and a half.

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The data is from Asofondos, a union that represents the AFPs Porvenir, Protección, Skandia and Colfondos, which also reported that the total balance of the pension savings of its affiliates reached at the end of March 366 billion pesosabout 4 percent above the record for the same period last year.

He also indicated that the accumulated yields in the last 5 years add up to more than 106.6 trillion pesos; while since the beginning of the multi-fund scheme (2011) those profits for affiliates reach close to 185 billion.

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To give a better dimension of these results, a pensioner who had 100 pesos invested five years ago, at the close of last March in his account would have 144 pesos (Programmed Withdrawal). For the youngest, that same amount invested today would be around 141.1 pesos, while for those who are in the moderate portfolio, the figure would reach 146.6 pesos. For their part, pre-pensioners (Conservative Portfolio) will have 131.8 pesos.

The results are known in the anteroom of the XVI Asofondos Congressthat will take place Thursday and Friday of this week in Cartagena, a space in which the future of pensions in Colombia will be analyzed and discussed, at a time when a bill that seeks to adjust the pension system in the country.

«All the portfolios, without exception, grew,» said Santiago Montenegro, president of Asofondos, who added that those earnings always go to the individual accounts or pension fund of each worker and invited the affiliates to review the statements of their funds that begin to arrive these days, which detail the balances, the contributions, the earnings on those contributions, the accumulated weeks and, above all, they will take into account the longer periods since this is a long-term savings designed for people’s old age.

The results achieved by the AFPs for their affiliates are mainly due to the diversification in the investments made, especially in international assets and local fixed income, which has allowed the savings of its affiliates to maintain its growth path.

“For more than 28 years, the AFPs have been the preferred option for the majority of workers, especially young people and those with the lowest wages, both segments for whom, according to evidence, it is more convenient for them to be in this regime. savings”, concluded Montenegro.