The Government of Gustavo Petro released the draft of the pension reform project which will be brought before Congress on March 22. The pillar system is the basis of the proposal.

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Along with this, he talks about a transition regime for people who have contributed 1,000 weeks. PFor this type of population, Law 100 of 1993 will continue to apply. Otherwise, people who have contributed less than 1,000 weeks will be governed by the new law approved by Congress.

However, article 77 of the draft establishes that people with more than 1,000 weeks of contributions or who are less than 10 years away from reaching pensionable agemay be transferred, within a period of two years, regime with respect to the previous regulations.

This will be done with prior advice as provided in Law 1748 of 2014.

According to paragraph 1 of article 2 of that last law, «The Administrators of the General Pension System must guarantee that clients who want to transfer between the pension systems receive advice from representatives of both systems as a prerequisite for the transfer between the systems to proceed.».

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How will the calculation of weeks be done?

According to the draft, for the computation, «the weeks quoted in any of the pension systems of Law 100 of 1993 will be taken into account: solidarity of average premium or with defined benefit or individual savings with solidarity, to the social security institute or to any box, fund or entity of the public or private sector, or the time of service as public servants, regardless of the number of weeks contributed».